Sunday, 4 March 2012

#9 Stop Oh Yes Wait a Minute Mr. Postman - Address Books!

Aaaah, a classic (and if you're laughing at my geekery vis-à-vis the above title or even singing it under your breath, read on).
Address Books may seem like a pretty fuddy duddy thing to have in the world of iPads, smartphones and email. But when did getting post (i.e. the colourful envelope kind, NOT the bill kind) ever stop being fun? I have to admit I send cards to quite a few of my friends every month (and receive them, obvs) - which never fails to brighten my day. I like to put fun things in there - quotes from other women who kicked ass and, to quote Maya Angelou (all time awesome Lady with a capital L) "grabbed life by the lapels", glitter, confetti, mini postcards... You catch my drift. Post from me is fun!*

Anyway, as I send so many cards I have a little address book that I got for Christmas and asked for specifically because it was:

a) Cheap
b) Cute
c) Pink
d) Did I mention it was cheap?

Seriously. A right little beauty it is too - £6.30 from Amazon.

So, I would put this little gem in the Posh category, but that would be far too lazy! So here we go - the pretty, the posh and the oh my gosh for you lovely ladies looking to lick the lovely envelopes of life. Or something like that.

The Pretty: Paperchase Kista Address Book, £6.00

The Posh: Smart Women Keep in Touch Address Book, £9.95

The Oh My Gosh: Aspinal of London Pocket Address Book in Purple Croc, £25.00

I have to be honest, after doing this research I really really want the Smart Women Keep in Touch Address Book very much!! Maybe I'll get it for someone for a birthday present...?


* Just open my card tentatively outside. Or preferably, near a hoover.

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