Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Mother's Day Gift Guide (with Etsy)!

Oh hello! Long time no see ;) We're not - strictly speaking - back, but we are on Instagram (under a different moniker - go see @brownandbee for the deets).

Any old how, we got an email from Etsy asking us to pull together a little Mother's Day Gift Guide with a chance to win £100 Etsy voucher for both you and your mamma. Now you all know how we feel about Etsy. How could we say no?

Here our picks for our queen mama bees..


I've Had The Thyme Of My Life Print, £8.50
No one puts my Mama in the corner! Any Dirty Dancing fans in the house? This cooking print is so cute and fresh - perfect for my mum's new grey kitchen. I wouldn't mind one myself to be honest...

Mother's Day Vintage Book Card, £2.50
What a gorgeous sentiment - 'Richer than I you will never be - I had a Mother who read to me'. It's totally true in my lucky case, so this card would be perfect for my bookworm mum.

Rhubarb & Ginger Pharmacy Jar Candle, £12
A fresh and fruity scent with a hint of warmth, I reckon this candle would be a lovely addition to my Mum's fireplace. It's technically still abso-blooming-lutely freezing, so this would get top hygge points - something my trendy Mum has been reading up on of late. Millennial who?

The Very Very Fabulous Flattie Tea Towel, £10
We are very sadly dog-less at the moment, but there are whispers on the family grapevine that a new flat coated retriever puppy might be making an appearance towards the end of the year! It's a long time to wait, but I know there's no other breed my Mum would choose - fabulous flatties forever!

Votes for Women Tote Bag, £12
I always admire my Mum for raising me to be an equal-rights championing feminist! This would be a fab bag for her to take her lunch to work in. As they say in Mary Poppins - our daughter's daughters will adore us and they'll sing in grateful chorus, well done! Sister suffragette!


Four Tiered Bee House, £49.95
Just like me, my Mumma is obsessed with anything bee print, bee related or bee design! This Bee House is perfect for the Mum who has everything - and would look lovely in my parents garden!

Swiss Travel Poster, £4.75
My mum didn't start skiing until she was in her forties and now it's something my parents can do with each other every year. She'd love this print of one of her favourite spots!

Personalised stationery set, £28
Just like me, my mum LOVES to write and at Uni I'd always be back and forth with letters from her. Personalised stationery is so underrated - I'm feeling so inspired by it now that I may well order some for myself too!

Handmade English Rose soap, £5 
Soaps and bath bits are absolutely perfect and handmade options and a lovely unique way to gift something which they'll definitely be able to use!

What are you buying your Mum for Mother's Day? There isn't long left - don't forget to check out the official Etsy Mother's Day Gift Guide. Chop chop!
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