Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ted Baker Sydney Candle

I love changing my perfume with the change of the seasons - I think we all do a bit of that, with day and night perfumes, special occasions, etc. It's a real luxury to get a new candle and mirror that change in your home - a few fresh blooms in a vase, perhaps a few windows thrown open and a little candle to carry through the scents of Spring (and the faint promise of Summer). 

This gorgeous candle from Ted Baker* is the second in my collection. I've been burning the London scent since Christmas, which is Leather & Rose. It is admittedly a more Autumnal scent - the smell of leather always makes me think of a new school year, and the roses late Summer - but I always gravitate towards anything fresh and light. Vanilla is about as sweet as I like to go with candles, so London was already quite a jump for me and I love it.
The Sydney candle is much more along the lines of my usual taste. Each candle from the Ted Baker collection is inspired by a different city (there are six in total - London, New York, Tokyo, Athens, Sydney and Miami), and Sydney is a refreshing blend of seasalt and ocean air. Both candles are made from a combination of vegetable waxes and double refined mineral waxes,and burn so cleanly (no black smoke when burning, or when you blow them out). It's Spring, and I'm smitten.
You can buy the gorgeous collection from the Ted Baker website or in store, and they retail for a pretty luxury £28 (completely worth it, in case you wondered, and perfect for a gift).


  1. I love finding new candles that I love and scents that are new and different. Although I make my own candles I still buy lots of other brands too - you can't have too many candles, that's what I say! Will need to check these Ted Baker ones out. Lorraine x

  2. This help me a lot! Thank you! You've earned a new subscriber :)


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