Monday, 5 May 2014

A Chilled Out Weekend

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend, and I loved taking my much-missed doggies out for a walk with my boyfriend and enjoying the sunshine. I also like to get a bit sorted at the weekends, and actually quite enjoy cleaning the house, organising my clothes and feeling that at least some of my life has order!

I went home this weekend and got a good dose of sleeping in late, plenty of yummy local food and big breakfasts - just what I needed! It's been a rough few months up and down since Christmas (more on that later), so I'm trying to get rested and enjoy life as much as possible.

I finally saved up enough money (along with early birthday help from parents and grandparents) to replace my poor broken laptop. Say hello to the shiny new baby above!

I hope you enjoyed this lovely long bank holiday weekend - I'll be writing about my recent trip to Paris in the next week as well as the usual bargain hunt type stuff. Stay tuned and remember - it's only a 4 day week!

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