Thursday, 18 September 2014

What We Wore | Links of London Mini Friendship Bracelets


We met in our first year at Loughborough University as we both studied English. I organised a 'Whiteboard' social for the course, and we got drunk on a lot of shots and a few dirty literature puns thrown in for good measure. We've been firm friends ever since.

Our friendship changed and evolved over the years, and that's ok. Neither of us are the same people we were in University - Lauren stayed to do a Masters and I began work before graduating, so we went quiet on each other for a year. It's important to let friendships be natural and to let each other grow if you're doing different things, but be supportive too.

We balance each other out on the blog and have different skills and writing styles. I work in social media and love photography, so I tend to work our images, blog design and social accounts. Lauren is a real driving force for our PR and events due to her background, and organises way more than I do. We're a team, and we really value each other's input.

We are genuinely the best of friends. We text and email every day and try and meet up every week (if not through events then just to have dinner and catch up).

Lauren is a very loyal friend and amazing fun. She never fails to lift my spirits. I believe people are like batteries and either charge or drain you, and she charges me to my best! She's always there for me and I feel very lucky knowing I can depend on her.


The first time I saw Flic, she had a giant bow in her hair, and I knew that the only other person in my university lecture who considered trackies and Uggs inappropriate would be my best friend. Over the years she has consistently supported me, and taught me to be my very best self, and to settle for nothing less than I deserve. 

Our personal styles are complimentary- Flic loves bold colours and printed items whilst I am much more of a monochrome girl. I am also convinced that she is a terrible impulse shopper- I am slowly winning her over to the power of a good impulse buy. She's trying to haul me out of black clothing- slowly having a little colourful takeover of my style. 

When Flic asked me to help her with the blog in my last months of my masters, I was really excited! Having read lots of blogs, I knew that our friendship would make us a niche which we could really grow from, and it's spiralled from there! We are the perfect pairing- she has amazing design and photography skills and my own skills in PR and events match perfectly. 

We always secretly wish that we could live together... Imagine what our shared wardrobe would be like... That said, nothing productive would ever get done!

Thank you to Links of London for our gorgeous Mini Friendship Bracelets! Lauren wears Taupe & Rose Gold and Felicity wears Coral & Gold Vermeil.
Felicity and Lauren

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