Saturday, 4 October 2014

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I am officially boring. Come Autumn, I go into semi-hibernation before party season and use my weekends to eat, sleep and blog. It's a great time to catch up on life admin, drink endless cups of tea and feel slightly jammy that it's raining outside.
I'm therefore perfecting brunch. Before you laugh/become impressed, it's a slow process! Suffice to say we're visiting the local farm shop (above), I'm having poached eggs with everything, a burgeoning sourdough obsession and chutneys are outrunning their jammy counterparts in my cupboards.
I've been shopping - again - and buying more stuff I did and didn't need - as usual - but I'm really pleased with a couple of mid-season sale buys. I bought a lovely colour block jumper from the Jack Wills Outlet for £10 (!), reduced from £59.50. Unsurprisingly it's sold out now, but you can see the others from the same collection here. I also nabbed a gorgeous leather case for my iPad Mini from Hobbs for another tenner, down from £39.50. Happy purse!
This weekend seems to be the first weekend in ages it is actually properly Autumnal, and by that I mean it is absolutely lashing it down. The sky is black, the leaves are orange, the pavement is soggy and I am inside full of bacon and eggs, a cup of Earl Grey and my good friend Pinterest. Doesn't get much better to be honest. I'm also so excited as Lauren and I are going to Rome for 3 nights in November... get ready for an onslaught of excitable tweets about outfit planning and pizza!

Have you bought any stellar bargains of late? Any lazy weekend rituals? Tweet me @PrettyPoshOMG - I love catching up on lifestyle posts and seeing the lives behind the blogs.

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  1. So jealous you are off to Rome! It's definitely a place I have always wanted to visit. I love autumn, it's actually the time of the year that I am out and about and actually doing things! I live in Florida and it is just sooo hot during the summer (so I like to stay indoors) but once the first cool day hits (which was today!) I love going out and just having a good time!



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