Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lifestyle | The Valentines Edit

In the spirit of everything deliciously red, pink and heart motif adorned, we've created a Valentines edit of our favourite things - something to wear, something sweet and something to look at all year round. So lovely, that you may just be tempted to keep the lot for yourself. Who the hell needs a Valentine anyway?
valentines jam tarts roses lipstick
easy art together penguin print review
This print from Easy Art was a perfect choice for us - we both love penguins and a book theme holds something special as we both studied English at University. Easy Art print and hand frame all their prints in the UK in house, and the craftsmanship and care make this extra special for our Valentines edit. A beautiful 'moving in together' or wedding gift for friends, too!
elegant touch nails valentines chanel perfume blogger
The lovely ladies at Elegant Touch are so good to us and send us their new collections to review fairly regularly (you can usually seem them on instagram). Anyway, we just love the kitsch cuteness of these heart balloon nails - so even if you're just wanting a little love heart lift, these are sure to raise a smile.
hotel chocolat valentines chocolates
Finally, the Valentines collection from Hotel Chocolat, like all others, is totally to die for and just perfect for a Valentines or anniversary present - I (Felicity) recently spent a small fortune on a personalised hamper for my boyfriend for our 5 year anniversary, so it's not just for girls! Although the hearts are a bit girly... we love the dark chocolate and balsamic caramel mixes, and the strawberry and white chocolate heart lollipops for something sweet for your someone sweet.

Chocolates, from a selection c/o Hotel Chocolat | 'Together' Print, hand printed and framed c/o Easy Art |  Nails c/o Elegant Touch

Don't forget to order your gifts soon - the 14th isn't far away!

Felicity and Lauren


  1. I love the print, literature has a special place in my heart and I'd love to recieve this. I think gifts with personal and hand made touches are the best for valentines day! Love those nails too!


  2. Can't wait on your next post! You've earned a subscriber! :) More fashion styles!


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