Friday, 19 June 2015

Cocoa Heaven with Hotel Chocolat

After an incredibly busy and stressful couple of months, we very much appreciate time taken to relax, unwind and de-stress.
The Hotel Chocolat beauty range provides an extensive set of products which are perfectly designed to help you kick back and settle in for a pamper session like never before. A combination of specially developed ingredients and scents means that we assure you that you haven't found a Friday night solution quite like this before.

We trialled two juxtaposing fragrances from the collection- Bois Nef and Quilesse- which are two very different, but very delicious scents. One reflecting daytime and one reflecting sundown on the cocoa groves, where the Hotel Chocolat ingredients are sourced. A product to both uplift and calm your senses.

The ranges are designed to unveil the beauty secrets of cocoa, from the Hotel Chocolat plantation spa.

The Quilesse products provide an enlivening and invigorating experience which help to energise you with notes of Bergamot, Green Tea, Musk and Neroli among others. We loved how this was the perfect Saturday morning mood settler- a relaxed lift to the day.
Bois Nef (pronounced “Bw-ah Nef”) means ‘New Wood’ in French patois, the native language of St Lucia. It is also the cocoa cote on the Rabot estate. The scents are settling and calming, warming the soul and the senses so you can dream the hours away. The notes includ lemon, sandalwood and roasted cocoa.

Bois Nef Candle, £25 | Bois Nef Bath Oil, £25
Quilesse  Body Oil, £25 | Quilesse Candle, £25

We've been using the collection for just over a month and utterly love this little slice of luxury; the body oil is near enough gone and the candles are half burned. The Bath Oil gave a milky, luxuriously soft experience leaving the skin super moisturised and utterly soft. Other pieces in the range include Body Cremes, Shower Cremes and Eau de Parfums.
The packaging is stunning and worthy of any bathroom shelf, double thumbs up from us- we know what we will be buying family (both boys and girls) for upcoming celebrations!

Hotel Chocolat may not be the most predictable place to find products for your bathroom, but if you want to bring the spa home, only the best will do...

Felicity & Lauren

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