Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Weekend Edit | August Instagrammers

I cannot believe it's the middle of August already, where is this year going!? So much visual inspiration coming through, I am a bonafide instagram addict (my boyfriend can vouch for this, grumpily) and never have a shortage of accounts to add to my monthly favourites. Last month we dedicated a weekend edit to blog posts and IGers, but there's so much to choose from we're splitting 'em out! How's that for delicious. These girls brighten my feed and make me want to get creative. Go hit that follow button!

1. @meganellaby - who owns every shot. Girl, those cheekbones.

2. @ledavolli - more of a lifestyle feed, but so interesting I check it daily.

3. @monicabeatrice - the lovely lady behind the Elgin Avenue. Go take a peek.

4. @katherinevo_ - gorgeous feed, give me your life.

5. @stephilareine - colour lover and bright young thing.

6. @phasesofrobyn - consistently gorgeous. Contrast, baby.
7. @asos_alisha - for a glorious edit.

8. @srhmikaela - unsaturated, gorgeous photography.

9. @aclotheshorse - darling redhead, darling feed.

10. @lauralftn - follow Laura around the world, she's working from home in a kick ass way.

Phew! As for me, I waved a tearful goodbye to Lauren this week, as she's off on a cruise for 2 whole weeks. How am I meant to go on without her?! That's not even the worst bit - she has no wi-fi. I don't know how she'll cope ;) Meanwhile, I'm flying to Nice for 5 days. Expect stupid amounts of instabragging #sorrynotsorry.

Normal service on the blog! See you next week, enjoy your weekend! Oh and pray for me, without our daily Whataspp chats filled with dancing emojis, I'm not sure how I'll survive.

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