Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Weekend Edit | Our Holiday Essentials

With Lauren off on a cruise on the 15th (for two weeks, sob!) and me off to Nice for five days on the 17th, we pooled together for this weekend's edit of our top ten (combined) holiday essentials. It was hard picking 5 each, but we got there...!

Felicity packs...
I try and give my skin a good break on holiday, so I only tend to take bronzer, blush, mascara and a tinted lip balm. I don't like to overdo it, and if I'm just by the pool then I'm a make up free zone. If I had to pick just one, bronzer would be it - it's great to dust over cheekbones, collarbones and shoulders, and mops up any shininess.

Badger balm
Great as an aftersun, smells nice and doubles up as a lip balm and sleep balm on pressure points. I dab a little around my nose on the flight to stop bugs getting in and a cold hitting me before we reach solid ground (oh and it helps with any nausea, too). So far so good.

A large summer scarf
I always get cold on a flight, and have never regretted a colourful summer scarf as a travel companion. It’s a blanket, a sarong, something to sit on when dining al fresco, it rolls up into a pillow - so many uses!

A great book
Annoying creature of habit that I am, I like to take a book I’ve already read as well as a new book. That way, if I don’t get on with the new one, I can fall back on a favourite (although I always read both anyway, as I devour books on the flight alone). One of my favourite authors, Joanne Harris, writes books that make me want to eat and adventure, so they’re perfect. I've just finished #GIRLBOSS (pictured), which is so good I'm re-reading. Recommended!

A ‘switch off’ policy
This isn’t an item, but a mindset. When you’re a blogger, you tend to impulse share everything and start thinking in terms of posts, outfits, instagram shots, travel reviews… you name it, it starts rolling into your brain. Well, the last few holidays I’ve been on I’ve updated instagram later, taken photos if the mood takes me, and scheduled posts to go up while I’m away. No blogging, no writing, no tweeting and definitely no watching numbers (social media following, Google Analytics - turn it off)! This is where blogging as a duo rocks - you can handle it when the other one is away, and vice versa. Breaks are important - so enjoy it, and be present.

Lauren takes...
I burn every time I go in the sun, even in England. I’ve even burnt through a window before, so a high SPF is crucial for me. I like Piz Buin as it smells so good and has anti allergy too, but recently got Superdrug’s own and it’s standing up well! This mini Ambre Solaire is handbag size and has all of the protection I need.

A gorgeous perfume
Prada Candy is giving me serious summer vibes this year! I tend to have a Chanel on the go at all times, and then one deeper winter scent before hitting the floral and fruity notes for summer. Plus, the packaging on Candy is too cute to be true!

Even when I go VERY basic on makeup, I use a tiny bit of blusher to lift the colour on my face. This Chanel compact is the perfect rosy hue to keep me highlighted and glowing without being OTT. The mirror is handy for a holiday size handbag 2-in-1 too.

Passport cover
I can't remember a time when I didn't have a passport holder, and this one has been my firm favourite for a couple of years now. I have the matching travel clutch and luggage tag, and it helps me keep my EHIC card, to do list and tickets tucked perfectly in one place- I'm nothing if not organised when travelling...

Hand cream
I suffer with dry hands all year round, and on my desk, bedside table, sinks, dressing table and handbags, I have hand creams to help combat dryness and sensitivity. This Burts Bees option is perfect for holidays as it's really dinky, with a little going a really long way to help keep my hands supple in the sunshine. It also smells pretty fine!!

Are you jetting off anywhere beautiful soon? What are your holiday essentials? We'd love to know!

Felicity & Lauren


  1. The Badger lip balm sounds amazing and I've been wanting to read #Girlboss for a while now! For my holiday essentials I'd have to include a good book and my Ray-Bans, cause its no good trying to read by the pool/beach if you're not wearing protective eyewear haha :) x
    Charlotte's Road

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