Monday, 8 February 2016

Amara Valentines Gifts for Him

We almost always stick to gifts for the girls come Valentines Day, but this year we're turning the spotlight to our long suffering other halves. Both of us are in long term relationships (6 and 7 years, respectively) so it's safe to say we know our boyfriends inside out. We each picked two gifts from Amara that come under £20 (bonus!) and suit our fellas down to the ground. Here's what we went for...

Felicity: Ted Baker Men's Luggage Tag | Men's Society Tie Clip both c/o Amara
mens society tie clip
The Men's Society tie clip will be a nice addition when we get married in December. I chose the 'Best Day Ever' clip, which of course I hope it will be...! It's beautifully made and classy, and I liked the subtlety of the message underneath (sweet without being a one time wear, as so many wedding pieces are...)!

ted baker well travelled luggage tag
I treated my boyfriend fiancé to a Ted Baker suitcase for Christmas, so a luggage tag was a great addition. We've got big travel plans for the future, so I wanted something that was stylish and useful but had meaning too. It helps that pretty much everything from Ted Baker is absolutely gorgeous...

Lauren: Newgate Alarm Covent Garden Alarm Clock in Overcoat Grey | Undercover Leather Ear Pouch both c/o Amara

newgate alarm clock grey
With house purchase plans well underway, I'm already picking up bits and bobs for our future house. We are lucky enough to have a lovely London flat as it is, but this stunning grey alarm clock is the perfect bedside table accessory, I love the modern vintage feel of this too- just the aesthetic we are looking to create through our decor!

undercover leather pouch
Chris is a massive audiophile and he is always looking for somewhere to stash his headphones when we are travelling. These will be perfect for holidays and trips back to our parents houses - as well as the day to day when we start a longer commute with a new house. This leather pouch will last and last, keeping his sacred music makers safe!

What are you buying your other half for V day? Are you going all out or avoiding it altogether? 
Felicity & Lauren

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