Friday, 29 April 2016

Haulternative Fashion | Style By Portobello

We love an accessory to jazz up an existing favourite outfit, and as ladies saving for houses and weddings, making the very most of our existing wardrobes is pretty much the order of the day, every day.
We were utterly inspired when we heard about Style By Portobello (SBP) and their pretty little business which aims to deliver the chic vintage styles of the fashion on Portobello Road direct to the doors of vintage lovers. Their new service offers a subscription box of stylist curated pieces for just £35, or £15 for two scarves- and that beautiful element of surprise in that you'll never know what's coming until it turns up!
We were lucky enough to receive 4 fabulous vintage scarves, which we styled up 4 ways to show off just what a fabulous investment piece vintage scarves can be.
Using scarves as belts, headbands, neckties and bag ties means that our classic trenchs, plain black duffels and scruffy windswept barnets were utterly transformed with stylish vintage pieces. The best part- you can guarantee that no one else will have anything like it!
We've posted about Style by Portobello this week to mark a fantastic fashion movement we are 100% behind - #haulternative. Celebrating ways to refresh your wardrobe without spending thousands of pounds on a spree, we think Style by Portobello showcases a brilliant way to jazz up old favourites by using classic and beautiful pieces from the past. Other fab ways to get involved (and spend less, but still look fabulous) include hiring, mending and swapping clothes.
It's so easy and makes total sense- it's just all too easy to get drawn into buying new things rather than utilising what's around you! We have had some insane fashion buys from vintage and second hand stores in the past (YSL blazer for Lauren at 35 Euros- yes please!), and we've also had some incredible finds in family wardrobes too (gorgeous Bally leather block heels from Flic's Granny- how fantastic). And if these examples don't convince you of our support for second hand, just take another look at Flic's stunning engagement ring- the ultimate timeless piece which is the most incredible vintage piece either of us will own!

You can follow the movement by following #haulternative online and get involved yourself! Style by Portobello is a great way to support the movement and get some snazzy post too. Who doesn't love a little extra vintage glossiness hitting their doormat every month?

Felicity and Lauren

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