Saturday, 10 March 2012

#13 Knock Yer Lights Out Statement Rings

Ok I admit it. This post was entirely, unabashedly inspired by the YSL Arty Ring. Yes, it has total cult status. Yes, it's another designer buy. Yes, everyone on LookBook has one. So does Alexa Chung. Overrated? Non, mon petit pois. Absolutely not. I might even (and dare I suggest it) say the YSL rings are timeless.
I have had the good fortune to try on my friend's YSL Arty Ring (brown stone, not sure what kind of stone it is) which looks like this:

Not too shabby huh? And far from making my own less than lengthy fingers look stumpy and strange, I found I actually sort-of kinda fell in love a little bit. Although if I ever did spend that on a ring (the grand total of never), I could never choose just one colour. But here goes:

The Pretty: Rock 'n' Rose Orla Vintage Cocktail Ring, £16.00

The Posh: Kenneth Jay Lane 22 Karat Gold Plated Resin Ring, £55.00

The Oh My Gosh: Yves Saint Laurent Arty Gold Plated Glass Ring, £140.00

Oh and if my boyfriend is reading this, I'd like either the Blue & Gold or the Pink... pretty please?

Happy Saturday!

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