Wednesday, 28 March 2012

#27 Tribal Print Scarves

Ok I admit it – I’m a bit of a sucker for a new trend. Whilst I am not a fashion sheep (and have absolutely no intention of being one), I do like quite a few of the trends popping out of the soil for spring. Not all, but quite a few! Pastels – yes. Love. Being deathly pale myself, I can’t wear many of them – but I do like them. Sports luxe? No thank you. I insist. Absolutely not. Just not me – the fabrics, the design, the cut! No, no, no. I like to think that at the grand old age of twenty one, I’ve achieved one thing from fashion trial and error – dressing for my colouring and shape. So, as I have dark brown hair and white skin, pale yellow, nude, beige and sand makes me look dead. And, as I am unfortunately not willowy, and as I don’t have long legs… but DO have an hourglass shape, I’ll say yes to that 50’s dress with the teeny waist and no to that 20’s dress with the drop waist which only makes me look HUMONGOUS.

Tribal. Now that’s a trend I can live with (and carry off)! I am a bit of a hippy at heart – I went through a phase of wearing feathers in my hair at university (way before they copied them on the catwalk!) and in summer you will never see my in anything tight. I’ll be in floaty Aztec patterns, suede, bleached and frayed denim, chunky jewelry… so tribal suits me just fine.

Now, as I am on Day 3 of the woeful dieting (Day 1 didn’t go so well – half an easter egg…), I’m avoiding buying clothes until I’ve dropped a few lbs – and I’ve always been a bit scared that crazy patterns add inches, non?
So I’m going for scarves. Scarves are a big investment, and worth their weight in gold. Summer, Winter, whenever – a good scarf will see you through the year and add personality to your otherwise boring trench or plain white tee.

The Pretty: New Look Multi Coloured Tribal Print Scarf, £7.99

The Posh: Orvis Tribal Cotton Scarf, £25.00

The Oh My Gosh: Almodovar Blue Geometric Scarf, £275.00

So which one is your favourite? I was spoiled for choice when I started looking – tribal and geometric prints are everywhere! I think I’ll go for the Almodovar myself, courtesy of Liberty’s…

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