Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Alarming Female Behaviour (or SSB, if you watch SATC).

We've all got a secret habit. A weakness, a tendency to lean towards something we probably shouldn't... Do I sound like I'm rambling? I feel like I am, so let me condense it into a nutshell:

We all have things we do when we are ALONE.

Some of us (you know who you are) don't even go to the toilet when our boyfriends are around. Some of us do not shave our legs religiously if there is no one there to admire the fact that you didn't cut yourself their shape-liness. Some of us wear make up to bed, or get up early to apply make up before the other half wakes.

Ok - there are not many things I don't do in front of my boyfriend (lets not get rude here), but I do have a secret strain of Alarming Female Behaviour. The old single girl routine, for the not-so-single girl. Like... plucking my eyebrows in front of the nearest available mirror, and not in the bathroom. Or if it's just me eating dinner, then this bad boy is having marmite on toast. The Greek boyfriend feels this isn't a proper meal. I feel it is a champion meal of kings.

Ok let me hold my hands up - this is subterfuge. My real Alarming Female Behaviour?

Reading wedding blogs.

I love wedding blogs. I read about 4-5 regularly, and 1 daily. That is crazy. I don't even want to get married yet (22 in two months, folks) - but I can't help reading them and thinking "It can't hurt if I just see what I like..."

Which, unfortunately, means that at the grand old age of 21 and 5/6ths, I have found the engagement ring I want, the wedding dress I want, flowers, church and cake. And as much as I want to preview each item, I can't show you... That would just spoil the eventual surprise!

So until I get married (which won't be for a good few years yet), do you have any Alarming Female Behaviour going on? Disgusting habits, studenty ways, spending an obscene amount on clothes/shoes/a bag and pretending it was in the sale? Have YOU found the wedding dress - but not the groom - of your dreams?

I see you!!!

Love, the ever crazy

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