Monday, 27 January 2014

Benefit Boutique Carnaby Street

I always feel very blessed to love my job and company as much as I do. Working in PR means that you get to meet so many brilliant and talented people from all walks of life. A recent meeting with a third party partner was not to be held in a room with no light (or air), neither was it to be held in a restaurant where you can barely hear over the clanking of knives and forks. No, this meeting was to be held in beauty heaven, the Benefit Boutique, 10 Carnaby Street.
Beautiful Soho reminds me of my dear last job, and so any trip to that neck of the woods is always welcomed by me, particularly when a mani and champagne is involved. 
The ground floor of Benefit Boutique Carnaby Street is a beautiful store showcasing the cute and girly products which Benefit have to offer. The atmosphere is light and fun (with lots of pink!) and the staff wear cute pink Converse and Benefit neckscarves. The lower ground floor consists of beautiful candy coloured decor and designated 'beautifying' areas where mani's are given, hair is blownout, tanning is undergone and makeovers happen. There is a cute bar at one end, where you can order drinks like champagne and coffees, whilst treating yourself to Strawberries and Cream Lindt chocolates. 
I am a huge fan of Benefit make up; their uber vintage cool packaging and candy pop colours make the ranges fun, and unique from anything else on the market. Whilst I was there, the lovely Amber introduced me to LolliTint after I mentioned to her that I was a huge fan of Posie Tint. We both tried it on, which showed me how the LolliTint looks different on each girl- it was really stunning! This new stain is candy-orchid colour and make a fun addition to your spring beauty box, I will definitely be going back post payday as it looked brilliant on!
On the purchase of any makeup item, you are entitled to a mini-makeover, making it well worth the investment of a new/your favourite Benefit product! Just look at all of the makeup prettiness!
My friend Claire treated herself to some beautiful hair styling - classy curls. Their hair styling choices are portrayed on one blowout wall, with lots of iconic styles to choose from. Psst..throughout January, their blowouts are all half price, coming in at just over £13!
I was lucky enough to experience a manicure which lasts 7 days. Strengthening in the UV rays of sunlight, the khaki colour I chose was perfect for winter.
The lovely Vicki did my nails, and was very sweet and chatty. I often think that manicures are as much about great service as they are about the finish on your nails, and Vicki and Amber were both fantastic therapists. 
I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Benefit Boutique for treatments. They have a really wide selection of treatments on offer, and everyone there is wonderfully friendly. The price is no more expensive than a back alley 'dodgy' manicure store where the manicurist will not speak to you and you feel like you are on a factory line! The brilliant, personable and pink atmosphere in Benefit made me feel completely at home- we definitely didn't want to leave! I think I will take my Mum there for a Mother's Day treat- it's the perfect girlie bonding venue and I cannot wait to go back!

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