Monday, 7 April 2014

Fashion | Debenhams Personal Stylist Review

Last Wednesday we popped down to the Debenhams on Oxford Circus, as the lovely people at HQ had invited us to give their new 'Personal Stylist' experience a try (once 'Personal Shopper', they're having a rebrand and before we get started, it is totally free). You wouldn't think us bargain hunters would bring you anything less, surely?
We each filled out a form detailing our height, clothes and shoe sizes, skin, hair and eye colour and answered a few questions on our day-to-day style. These included the colours we preferred, what we wore to work, any problem areas we had and what we wanted to gain from the experience.
 Greeted with a cup of tea and a flapjack, we were each assigned a Stylist and a rail of clothes, shoes and accessories handpicked for us before our arrival (we had quick flick through of Vogue while we waited, which was all of 30 seconds). Neither of us would have picked out our choices, but we were met with surprising results...!
We were each given £100 to spend, and here's what we bought:

Lauren: Principles by Ben de Lisi Designer Tailored Jumpsuit, £65 |  Floozie by Frost French White Nautical Stripe Bag, £35

I (Lauren) would never have gone for a formal jumpsuit before, but this look is just amazing for work - I felt leggy and fabulous, and the monochrome bag is just so me!

Felicity: Debenhams The Collection Natural Mac Coat, £45 now £36 |  Red Herring Ivory Boxy Tee, £20 now £14 | Red Herring Ivory Pintuck and Crochet Top, £25 | H! by Henry Holland Blue Rip and Repair Boyfriend Jeans, £35 £25 online!
Boyfriend skinnies were a completely new look on me (Felicity) - I'm usually super skinny all the way when it comes to jeans. I also loved the flamingo jacket from H! by Henry Holland, which I'm definitely going back for... I also loved this amazing Closet dress - gorgeous midi and pastels for Spring!

We also got a couple of sales bits on the side - both of us bought the striped Oasis dress (middle) and Lauren grabbed the graphic print Warehouse dress, wheareas I couldn't leave without the gorgeous flippy tweed skirt!
Now we're not going to say everything was bang on the button; it wasn't, and we both agreed that the process would be slightly improved by a few things if you give this service a go - which we totally recommend:
  • Go round for 15 minutes before your appointment and pick out what you like, what you'd usually wear and what you'd like to wear but might not be brave enough to try. This will help you and the Stylist to quickly get an idea of how you dress and how you want to dress
  • Have a look round with the Stylist and work together. This is all about collaboration and no obligation, so take advantage of a free fashionable opinion!
  • Leave your doubts at the door and come in with an open mind - you never know what might just be the perfect look for you!
A big thanks to Debenhams for the experience, we really enjoyed it!
Felicity and Lauren

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