Monday, 28 July 2014

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Just four weeks ago I started a new job in Camden (social media, blogging, PR, events, photography and everything in between) which I honestly could not be happier about. The hours have been nuts but I cannot believe the difference it makes to your life to enjoy your job.

This is my third job since graduating, and to be honest it’s the only job I’ve really loved. I had great colleagues in my last two workplaces, but you can’t fake passion – and in my case, I found it difficult even to fake an interest. I’m not a good game player or a good liar. I’m just so much better off doing something I love.

I’ve already lined up a load of things I want to buy – a beautiful statement ring, a vintage suitcase, a hand printed t-shirt – and it is so good to be around creative people. If you’re looking to change job and can’t stand the one you’re in, I cannot recommend jumping enough. Everyone is scared because of the potential financial implications of leaving your job, so just be wise about it. Here are my top tips:

  1. Acknowledge your desire to leave and find something you’d be happy doing. Don’t be afraid if it’s just a general direction rather than a clearly defined role. Variety is the spice of life, and experience is important.
  2. Do your research. Find out average salary, what you know already for the role, what you need to learn, relevant educational requirements and training – it all counts. Even if you don’t completely fit the entire job description, a knowledge of the industry and an eagerness to learn are vital.
  3. Use your blog (if you have one, and if it’s relevant) to show other interests or experience in different areas. I wouldn’t have got the job I’m in without mine. Apply and take a leap of faith. I have absolutely no regrets!
You’ll be seeing quite a bit more of Camden on here – it’s already rubbing off on my outfits! *cough* #allblackeverything *cough*

Are you in a career rut or have you just changed jobs? What are your tips for climbing out? Tweet me @PrettyPoshOMG!

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