Wednesday, 31 December 2014

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I used to check into a new year with a list of resolutions jotted down in the front of my new diary, and within a week, my 'no crisps ever again' or gym 5 times a week had gone entirely out of the window. 

At university, I took a keen interest in health and fitness, hitting the gym at least 5 times a week, sometimes more than once a day in an attempt to carve out my perfect figure. It worked at uni, I was always full of energy, the perfect ten and had great fitness levels. However, the realities of post uni-life, extortionately priced gym memberships and a full time job means that I haven't stepped foot in a gym in 2 years. That, paired with personal health problems, means that I have piled on 2 stone since my graduation. Fair enough, I had room to gain a little, but an increase of so much has left me at times feeling self conscious and a little fuller than before. In some respects it's great (hello bigger chest size) and in some it isn't ( account empties as I fork out on new jeans that fit me...). 2015 will not be an attempt to regain my size 8 figure, but it will be a determined effort to use my new juicer to Reboot, be healthier, dust off my trainers, shift a few pounds and become, once again, brimming with confidence. 

This fitness reboot comes paired with happiness and positivity as a goal for 2015. It is in my personality to always be overly conscientious and critical of myself, and at times, others. I spend a great deal of time people-pleasing and putting my own happiness 2nd best. In 2015, I plan to use my new 'One Line a Day' book from Felicity to fully appreciate the truly privileged life that I lead, and to educate myself in more positive and happy thinking. That doesn't mean that I won't have moany days (sorry Mum!), but I will aim to let the little things pass and focus on my wonderful life and luck.

Well, following on from my last big life post, you can probably guess that I completely echo the sentiments above - a happier, healthier 2015 is top priority for me too! I want to focus a little less on the physical and a little more on the mental/emotional (I realise physical health helps enormously with the latter, but bear with me). It's been incredibly tough to maintain any of these areas, and I swing from wanting to run away from everything to being over-tough and maybe hard on myself and those around me - not exactly ideal. So the plan is to be grateful, right here right now, and find happiness in everything. My name even means happiness for goodness sake, so finding it should come with the package right? 

I decided I might as well come up with some kind of poetic mantra, so there it is. I am going to grasp adventure, chance, laughter and love with both hands and choose happiness, every single time. That - with a large dollop of kindness) is the only goal. 

So what's yours? We're wishing you all the sparkly wishes and wonders a new year brings, and all the luck for the future. Make it yours, whatever you plan to do! 
Felicity and Lauren

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