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Beauty | Soothing Winter Skin with Burt's Bees

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This winter weather (including snow eek!) is having a poor effect on our skin. Chapped hands, dry lips and really scaly legs- ew are getting us down and so some serious moisturising and nourishment is in order to help us recoup after a day out in the cold. I love to sit my bum on the radiator for a few mins to warm up, or lean my back on it to read, but all of the hot-cold interchange plays havoc on my skin leading to sore and super dry skin.

We road tested a few products from Burt’s Bees, all of which are available to help anyone else suffering with dry, chapped and just plain miserable winter skin complaints!
burts bees review beauty blog
Cranberry & Pomegranate Body Butter, £12.99 | Intense Hydration Night Cream, £19.99 | Ultra Moisturising Lip Treatment, £4.99 | Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme, £11.99

To bring back some suppleness into neglected paws, we tried the hand repair crème which is super luxurious and easy to soak in (ie, doesn’t feel greasy or full of residue!) A full body retreat calls for the super sweet smelling Body Butter, which felt nourishing and, again, freed us from the typical sticky feeling which you can get with some similar products.

I always notice how dry my lips are before I go to bed (once I have stopped eating and moisturised my face!) so the lip treatment is now permanently on my bedside table for pre-sleep application meaning I wake up with super soft lips, and lipstick applies better because I don’t have awful flaky skin on my lips!

Finally, a perfect pre-sleep pamper saviour is the Intense Hydration Crème, which works as a super-rich moisturiser including Clary Sage which is a proven uber-hydrator- and we confirm that it works a treat!

Are you a fan of Burt's Bees too? We would love to hear about your favourite products!

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