Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Primark SS15 Press Day

primark ss15 flowers
primark ss15 press day
Well obviously unless you've been under a rock you'll know this took place before Christmas, but honestly who wants to look at florals, fringing and sandals while you're still elbow deep in the Quality Street tin? Yeah exactly. So here's a round up of the delights of the Primark SS15 Press Day, which as expected was absolutely banging. It was literally a fashion and beauty blogger bonanza - I doubt I've ever seen so many famous bloggers in one room. Inspiring - and stylish - stuff indeed.

primark ss15 lace up sandalsAll the collections were in capsules, with lots of different themes running throughout the room - from 'main street' (so basically norm core) to holiday inspired sunny colours and fringing 'miami memphis'. I loved the half leg gladiators (which also made me mentally tick my gym membership and pedicure resolutions for the New Year) and the fringed backpacks... primark ss15 press day fringed
primark ss15 press day printed
primark ss15 press day main street
Ok, so the jacket and shoes below are far and away my two favourite pieces of the new season from Primark. This floral jacket was in an awesome scuba fabric - I want to wear it with white leather trousers cut just above the ankle with bright yellow block heels. Ideal for LFW! As for the shoes, they're basically jungle floral and watermelon (the heels!) inspired which as we all know is absolutely awesome. Anything that takes creative licence from fruit is game with me - remember the lemon clutch I wore to the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014?primark ss15 press day floral coat
primark ss15 press day shoes high spots stripes
You may have noticed the little rings everywhere (some other more careful bloggers might've 'shopped them out, or just moved them out of the way but I was having a day of press days and running around like a lunatic) which were given to you as you entered to vote for favourite items. As you can see, I'm no unique flower in my choices...
primark ss15 press day yellow lace dress
primark ss15 press day white lace
 They had some beautiful floral yummies about - I grabbed a tea and flower infused cocktail but skipped the cakes for once after a particularly biscuit heavy morning in the office...
primark ss15 press day martini

primark ss15 press day shoes
I had to finish it up with the stairway to heaven right! SO many gorgeous shoes. I love the geometric sparkly bright espadrilles, second up from the bottom - they'll be perfect for my upcoming trip to Barcelona in March. What do you love best from my edit of the day? I'd love to know - tweet me @prettyposhomg and let me know if you covered it too, I want a refresh!

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  1. Hi! Where are you buying your clothes? I love it so much! I got mine here here!


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