Monday, 16 February 2015

Lifestyle | Kilworth House Review

So 2 weeks ago, me and the boy were celebrating five whole years together. Yup! It feels like a really long time and no time at all, in case you were wondering, which I know is totally unhelpful. We had a really horrific time last year (I wrote a post on it a while back) so it felt pretty special that we even made it to five years. So we congratulated ourselves with a trip to Kilworth House Hotel and threw in some food, a couple of massages and completely chilled out. It was totally, utterly blissful.
garage bakehouse market harborough
garage bakehouse market harborough
garage bakehouse market harborough
We started off to Market Harborough (which is now my second home after moving jobs) with a trip to the Garage Bakehouse. It is my top tip for lunch, the kind of lunch where you skipped breakfast but need to get running somewhere else... we picked up a couple of cheese & chilli jam toasties (to die for) and skipped off to Starbucks (there's nowhere to sit at Garage Bakehouse, and yeah I know Starbucks, sorry hipsters) to have a coffee and get cracking.
garage bakehouse toasties market harborough
Oh my lord they are so good. I have had three in a month. Pretty sure that's around 10,000 calories. Pretty sure I don't care.
kilworth house hotel snow
kilworth house hotel room
After that, we went off to Kilworth for a good walk around the grounds in the snow - which are absolutely beautiful - chilled out in our PJs with a film for most of the afternoon then hauled ourselves up for a great big anniversary dinner in the evening.
kilworth house hotel orangery
We had dinner and breakfast in the Orangery, which is a different kind of perfect altogether. You can see why a lot of weddings take place there - lots of stained glass, natural light and a magical atmosphere... back to the food! We went local with duck and venison, which were both perfect, and rounded it off with some ridiculously gorgeous desserts. After a long winters nap (well, it was snowing) we started the morning how every morning should begin - eggs benedict and loose leaf tea/freshly ground coffee. Then we read the Sunday papers like old people and had a massage. Aw, yeah.
kilworth house hotel breakfast
kilworth house hotel sunday papers
Do I recommend it? Of course I do. It was incredible. The service was brilliant, the food sublime and I loved the attention to detail - not to mention Clarins toiletries everywhere. We can't wait to go back.

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