Sunday, 22 March 2015

Easter Treats from Hotel Chocolat

There is always a flurry of excited texts which pass between us when we get invited to a Hotel Chocolat event. A brand we both love for the delicious products, classy events and lovely, lovely employees! So, when we were invited to an intimate appointment-only run down of their Easter range in their High Street Kensington store, Felicity swiftly booked her ticket down to London and we started chomping at the bit to see the new range.
The lovely Beau-Jane showed us the Easter pieces, including the introduction of Milk-Free Milk, which made my (Lauren's) lactose-free heart sing a little... Whilst I still (naughtily) indulge in normal chocolate, Milk-Free Milk gives a wonderful dairy free choice without compromising on taste- something completely new to previous experience with DF chocolates! Made with Almond powder, the chocolate is creamy and rich, and in a blind test, you would struggle to taste the difference within the rest of their delicious range. With a few choices available, it is a lovely way to surprise your DF friends, or just those who want to try something new!
The fabulous range once again includes the Extra Thick chocolate eggs, available in boozy, rocky road, milk and many more choices for a luxury £27 - definitely best friends only! All with a set of truffles hidden inside to gorge on even more indulgently...

For mini-gifts, there are plenty of items for less than £15 including Egglets, City Bunnies and Lick lollies. We can guarantee that Hotel Chocolat has something for everyone on your Easter gifting list!
The hero for us had to be 'All Our Eggs in One Basket', a selection of their best bits where you get almost £100 of chocolate for £50. These are only 1000 boxes in this limited edition run, so get in quick!
The lovely folk at Hotel Chocolat gave us a goody bag for one lucky PPOMG reader, it contains everything above - a pack of Dark City Bunnies, a Milk Free Milk Goose Egg x2 and The Milk Egglet- an extra thick milk chocolate delight! The entire package is worth over £50!

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Felicity and Lauren


  1. so i can hide and indulged myself in a little of llife's luxuries ok i will share some :) x

  2. Because I gave up chocolate for Lent so this would be the perfect reward ;)

  3. Oh gosh! There's so much chocolate goodness in these photos! Hotel chocolat are my all time favourite. You can't beat them!
    Emma Xx

  4. because I'm pregnant with mine & my husband's first baby after recovering from an eating disorder and this would MAKE my Easter - the first one in ages when I'll let myself indulge (I'm eating for two right!?)!

  5. Because it looks exquisite and I would love a treat! In reply to Rebecca above - congrats and good luck - I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby and also in long-term recovery from an anorexia/bulimia - I thought I was the only one! Rachel xxx

    1. Rachel that's so encouraging!! You sound like an incredible role model & it's also amazing to hear I'm not the only one. There's so much beauty in sharing vulnerability and I'm so glad you replied :) Hope you have a really blessed second pregnancy. Xx

  6. Because I'm not in the country for Easter so no one is buying me Easter eggs! Plus it would be shared with my amazing mum which would help me out with costs (I'm so poor!) Stephanie McGrane! X

  7. Can't wait on your next post! You've earned a subscriber! :) More fashion styles!


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