Monday, 23 March 2015

Beautiful Basics with Gossard Super Smooth

We all know the importance of good underwear, decent support, blah blah blah, but more often than not we're underwear shopping for purpose. Flesh coloured for sheer and light tops. Crazy shapes for your plunge and strappy dresses. Industrial support for running (ha!). Breaths of lace and whispers of silk for special occasions. You catch my drift - but we all need a decent set that will cover the basics from day to day.
The Super Smooth collection from Gossard is a no wire phenomenon. We've been trialling a set each for the past few weeks, wearing under sheer shirts, tight dresses, normal t shirts and everything in between, and we're convinced it's the new best basic around. No wires does not mean no support (pleased to report there is minimal jiggle in the jump department, if you get what we mean), but it does mean comfy as butter. The Plunge shape also suits different styles of dresses and tops, but the cups are moulded so you have no spillage, which as we know is a bit of a boob (yes, we went there) in the fashion faux pas department.

As you can see, the Lace (pictured) is pretty as well as practical, with sweet gold details and luxurious lace. The Blush bra, which is a brilliant neutral, is undetectable under white, lace and pale tops - perfect for the Spring/Summer season.

The Super Smooth collection comes in Black, Lace, Blush and Leopard (which FYI is totally a neutral), with matching shorties in the Leopard and Lace. If you're looking to invest in a great set, we can't recommend them enough. Thank you to Gossard for sending us these beautiful sets!
Felicity and Lauren

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