Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Few Travel Essentials

In the spirit of all that is good and gorgeous in the world of travelling - and because I miss being on holiday already - here are a quick list of travel essentials that always make it on to my list...

1. An awesome place to stay
I'm a huge fan of AirBnB, I genuinely think you are hard pushed now to find a reason not to try it. The locations are perfect, the prices are incredibly reasonable and it's great to come and go as you please without worrying about hotel cleaning times/tipping if you're in the USA/dodgy breakfasts. I've stayed in different AirBNB properties in Paris, Rome, Venice and now Barcelona. If you haven't done it yet, do it!

2. A seriously comfy pair of shoes
Anyone who knows me knows I'm a total baby when it comes to pain, being too hot, being too cold, being uncomfortable... I don't want to go as far as princess-y or spoiled because I don't go on about it, but let's just say I'm a happier bunny comfortable and prepared for all potential disasters/weathers! That goes for shoes too - they have to be flat, they have to be neutral (leopard is a bonafide neutral, folks) and they have to be buttery soft.  

3. The beauty bare necessities

The lovely folks at KMI sent me a little Orla Kiely wash bag to take with me, and it was the perfect size for a week long stay. Lauren and I are polar opposites when it comes to travel - she's everything but the kitchen sink, I'm - if anything - a little too sparing sometimes. I could've chosen a monster big size, but I knew I wouldn't fill it - I'll take powder, blush, mascara, a lip balm, a crazy intensive moisturiser, sun cream, mini cleanser... and that's about it on the beauty front. The oilcloth is spillage proof and it brightened up my mornings when I was full of cold. Perfect!
Finally, a little snapshot of a few more essentials for me. I always take a camera (duh) and sunglasses - my Ray Ban aviators go with everything. I also take some variation of Badger Balm with me whenever I go away. I tend to feel a little green about the gills on flights, and they smell delightful and tend to take my mind off it. They are also multipurpose - moisturising, great as an aftersun - I really could go on about them for an irritatingly long time. Finally, I collect postcards - especially interesting or vintage ones - and the polaroid style one of Parc Guell (above) really caught my eye. 

What are your travel essentials? Any diamonds for multipurpose space savers or capsule wardrobe tips?


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