Thursday, 26 March 2015


I spent the last week in Barcelona with my boyfriend, brother, his fiancee and her brother (phew!). It was my first holiday since Rome with Lauren in October, and throwing a move home and a new job in between those six months, you can just about say I needed it. 

Unfortunately I developed a nasty cold pretty much as soon as the plane took off, and I didn't kick it until the Sunday before work. So annoying! I was planning to do a couple of style shoots for the blog, but honestly, I was so poorly I just wore everything I brought with me pretty much layer upon layer, so it was a sartorial disaster (toasty, though). I threw myself out of bed every morning and had a lovely time with some of my favourite people - so here's a few of my favourite photos.

Has anyone else been travelling around recently? Any Easter breaks coming up? If you're not totally bored of them, I also took quite a few snaps on instagram too - check 'em out! 



  1. Urgh I hate being ill on holiday, how rubbish! I know I should be admiring the beauty of Barcelona, but your shoes stole the limelight, they are lush!

  2. This help me a lot! Thank you! You've earned a new subscriber :)


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