Saturday, 6 June 2015

What We Did | 31st May - 6th June

Holidays and Trips Away

I’ve spent the last week on my parent’s canal boat, which has been incredibly relaxing. It’s been great to get some time off to relax and reflect on where I’m going next, and what I want to do.
narrow boat grand union canal oxfordshire
Going away was really good timing. We lost our younger dog Alfie just under two weeks ago, which was a terrible shock to the family and our older dog, so it’s been good to spend some time together and be away from home for a bit.
cafe rouge brunch eggs royale
We set sail on Sunday after a birthday brunch for my Nan (Happy 80th Birthday Nanny!) and wound our way down the Grand Union canal to the River Thames, arriving in Abingdon on Friday (which I’m staying in today for some vintage shopping with my Mum).

Highlights include sneaking my dog on to my bed (he needs cuddles!), bacon sandwiches in the morning, sleeping like a baby, re-reading Harry Potter, the beautiful weather, friendly people on the river, trips to farm shops with escapee piglets, lockside cottages and not looking in the mirror for a whole day. We all need a bit of that from time to time.
My stylish Mum!
breakfast on the boat
It’s been good to get some quality time with Mum and Dad before a likely move back to London. I’ve alluded to it a few times but I guess I may as well come clean - I lost my job, yes that dream job, back at the end of March (very sadly and unexpectedly). I won’t go into the ins and outs of it on here, but suffice to say it wasn’t such a dream after all. I was heartbroken and couldn't bring myself to talk about it, but I’m ok now.
river thames oxfordshire
After a bit of temping and freelancing (and a lot of blog work following our award win), I’m looking forward to new challenges with an open mind. I’m so ready to be passionate about work again, so I’m looking forward to the next opportunity. Onwards and upwards!

As for more travel, we’ve got a very exciting collaboration happening next week and we’re roadtripping down to the South West to the Eden Project to see Paolo Nutini (eeeee!) and then onwards to Bath on Saturday. Very, very exciting!

Health and Fitness

Must. Try. Harder.

Evenings Out

I’ve had a couple of very different, very good nights out this week, both of which are worth a share.

Firstly, my team went out to Bounce in Chancery Lane, London. A ping pong bar, yes you read that correct, my first impressions were a little shocked at the suits wielding a ping pong paddle, however, it was excellent fun and the cocktails were to die for. I sampled a few, my favourite being Ladies Delight, a tropical taste sensation.
bounce ping pong review london
Ping pong tables are available at discounted rates for bigger groups, and there are balls flying everywhere, quite literally and no pun intended. I had a great night out with my team- it was a great place for a work social if you are nearby! Good music, good food, good fun!
bounce ping pong review london
Secondly this week I went out on a date night with my boyfriend and it was his turn to choose the film. After I have recently dragged him to Cinderella and Pitch Perfect 2, I reluctantly sat down to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. Don't get me wrong, I adore action films- all of the Marvel films, The Hobbit- right up my street- a particular recent favourite is Denzel Washington's The Equalizer- do see if you haven't already- but 2 hours of cars in a post-apocalyptic world... I was bored just at the prospect.

However, I was left pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't rush out to buy the DVD and I won't be thinking about it for days to come (as I still am about Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect 2), however, Tom Hardy put in a brilliant performance and I would go see the next one. It was quite cleverly put together in that, in 2 hours, you learn nothing at all and there are few words. Rosie Huntington-Whitely also stars in a curious role- well worth a watch if you have a boy to go with!

See you next week!
Felicity & Lauren

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