Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Weekend Edit | What We Did in July

In our constant endeavour to get fit, be healthier and stronger we were lucky enough to try out one of the hottest exercise trends, barrecore. 

barrecore has several studios across London now as well as one in Manchester, and after Felicity had been raving about the barre YouTube videos she had been trying, we were both keen to give the professional class a go. 
Hidden behind Oxford Street, the Mayfair studio was tucked away and the perfect secret venue for a workout. We arrived quite early and one of the lovely receptionists showed us around the studios. 

Perfectly coordinated (of course), in our matching pink and black yoga gear, we took on the 40 minute barreSTRETCH with the lovely Chiara. A combination of pilates, repeat stretches and routines, yoga breathing techniques and bar work. The stretches were long, full and repetitive (in a good, toning way- not a boring way!). Chiara was very knowledgeable and supportive when we were toppling about... not quite as slick and controlled as our class mates!

It's fair to say our thoughts were divided. I (Lauren) absolutely loved the class, having been a bit of a yoga bunny and body balance guru at uni. Felicity was a little less convinced, her heart more set on pointe and plies than stretching and arabesques up against the bar. 

With a one month unlimited class offer of £175, I wholeheartedly recommend this for all yoga, pilates and body balance people out there! Thanks to barrecorre for having us!

Miss Saigon
On Wednesday 15th July, we went to see a production of Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre in Soho. Long term theatre and musical fans, we’re always jumping at the chance to see something new, and we’d both heard so many good things about Miss Saigon, we couldn’t say no!

We were invited to sample a beauty treatment from Gina Conway Privé, and as Lauren was working I (Felicity) went along for a massage. Sublime! I am already a Gina Conway convert, having used her salon some time ago when I worked in Wimbledon. If you’ve never been to Gina Conway, I honestly urge you to try (or look at Privé, which comes to you)!
After this, I headed to the Banana Tree restaurant, which offers a fusion of Indian and Chinese food. We loved the lychee mojitos and incredibly tasty food (which must be a good local secret - as we left, there were queues out the door). We’ll definitely be back, as it was a really buzzing atmosphere with a daring menu.

I was a first timer at the Price Edward, and what a beautiful theatre it is. I am always struck by the magic of theatre - the smell of dust and powder and performances past, the atmosphere before a show - everything about it is such an experience. Miss Saigon was a visual feast - quite literally, for the male theatregoer, if you know what we mean…! All joking aside, the use of space on the set was really clever, and the voices and talents of the cast were out of this world. There were a fair few tearjerker moments, which had us both reaching for tissues… It was quite a sad ending, which I hope doesn’t ruin it too much, with a shock at the end (although, being a fairytale end lover, admittedly I was the only one who audibly gasped in shock haha)! Lauren definitely laughed at me for that… Our favourite character was the Engineer (Jon Jon Briones), who really brought the house down with ‘American Dream’. His ad-libs had us in stitches, we genuinely laughed until we cried.
Thanks to Milk Two Sugars for a delightful evening - we can’t recommend Miss Saigon enough!

Charity Run
Not wanting to drag on, but I (Lauren) had huge personal success as I completed my first 10K since I was 17! Not as fit as a fiddle anymore, I was utterly dreading the prospect of running 10K in July, spurred on only by the friends and family supporting me, and the money that we were raising for Niemann-Pick UK.

For those a little late to the party, my cousin Simon suffers with Niemman-Pick Type C, and I embarked on a 10K in Romney Marsh, Kent, to raise money for the charity who support people just like Simon. The charity element kept me going, along with the brothers, sisters, sisters boyfriend and lovely boyfriend who I ran with. The 6 of us finished at varying times between 52mins and 1hr 14mins, with my personal time being 1hr 8mins and 53secs. I was HUGELY proud of myself, collapsing over the finish line and trying to not be sick. It was the hottest day of last week, and I had ran the whole way, not stopping once to take a breather! Go me!
The training I did certainly helped, although I wish I could have done more. We ran alongside lots of running club people, and they were all very able runners with great stamina. I plan to do another one later this year, or early new (100% not in July again, my head is peeling and I have a wicked sunburn mark).

Thank you so much for all of those who supported me on the day and with donations!

I (Felicity) spent a week and a few days here and there on the boat with my Mum and Dad - it's been really great to spend time together and have bacon sandwiches more than usual (oops)!
My boyfriend and I were thinking of going to Cyprus but now we're not, so I'm still trying to sort a little hot weather break next month (before prices rocket through the sky) - but nothing quite beats the relaxing, 4mph pace of a narrow boat and cuddles with your dog...

See you next month!
Felicity & Lauren

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