Wednesday, 26 August 2015

V Festival | Non Stop Summer

So last weekend I dragged my lovely boyfriend to V festival, as Lauren is still far away on the sea! You may have caught our posts on V last year (see them here, here, here and here), and we had an amazing time so you could say expectations were pretty high!

First off, what I wore - the lovely folks at Trafford invited me to pick some pieces for V, so here's what I wore...
v festival fashion 2015
Day 1 - Camel Wool Hat, Fringed Dress and Suede Boots 
v festival fashion 2015
Day 2 - Headscarf, Fringed Cape, Cream Boho Dress, Black Suede Fringed Backpack and Leather Boots
We were guests of Sure, who provided me with a FitBit to monitor my physical activity over the course of the festival, in line with their new Motionsense deodorant. Created with freshness technology, it is activated directly by movement (I'm not so into the science of stuff, but there are little microcapsules in there that break with friction) - so the more you dance the more it protects! I took that challenge a little too literally (check it out on instagram).

Saturday was the real test as it was absolutely crazy hot, and I was genuinely surprised by how well it stood up to the 30C heat. Fresh all day y'all.
sure motionsense deodorant
So you want to know just how many kcals I burned huh? Well I was astounded to read I'd managed 19,850 steps on Saturday (burning a whopping 2,548 calories). That's a lot of dancing! I easily ate those back with all the Saucy Chips and pulled pork burgers in the VIP area... I did slightly less on Sunday, with 12,985 steps and 2,096 kcal burned... but maybe that had something to do with the downpour!
v festival chelmsford 2015

Thanks to Sure UK for the tickets, and to Trafford Outlet for dressing me so spectacularly.

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