Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Weekend Edit | Blogging as a Duo


We hear a lot of "Don't you disagree a lot?", which is absolutely not the case. We've been friends long enough now to know that if one of us has a strong instinct about something, it's usually right! We whatsapp every day (yep, every day) although blog talk can be anything from 10% to 100% depending on what we have on. Communication is absolutely paramount to making sure we're both on board with events, collaborations, timelines and updates to the schedule. It's also a fundamental part of doing anything as a team - you boost each other, and that comes through talking through ideas and getting a buzz from each other's creativity.


(but don't be afraid to let it grow!)

We'll have been blogging 4 years by mid February, and that's a long time to keep the same style. Our blog has evolved with us - it went from fashion, to fashion-beauty-lifestlye, to more on personal style, and now it's more of a life and style mix. We felt it was natural from early to mid 20s, as you are less influenced by media and get more into your own style - and have some amazing life experiences to chat about, too. We always come back to the same question: what is our combined style? What do we stand for as a duo? Right now, it's what's colourful, bright and cheerful, yet chic and classic. We inspire each other, and no doubt it'll change as we grow, but that keeps it exciting!


Our blog certainly benefits from having two of us with two different skill sets. Felicity is much more at ease with design, photography and all things aesthetically pleasing, whilst Lauren is the PR girl and much more comfortable chatting at events, and organising the partnerships and collaborations on the blog. We both studied English, so writing comes naturally, luckily! When blogging as a duo, being able to identify each others strengths is really important- and it also helps to balance the workload. As well as different skill sets, our different personalities help- playing off each others characters allows goals to be met and decisions to be made.


Supporting each other is vital. If you haven't got each other's back, then it probably won't work out. We always refer to the blog as 'ours' and posts are joint responsibilities. If one person is busy at work or away on holiday, knowing that you can trust the other person to support you is essential. We've both been through great times and not-so-great times, and sometimes told each other to take a step back and take a break. For us, that time away is vital - it allows you to refresh, and gives you more energy when you come back to it.


If you're great mates already, we'd suggest this one every time. It's grown to be a mantra to us - whenever we're having off days about it, or flagging on creativity, or even if we - rarely, but sometimes, yes - disagree, it comes back to this. We're best friends first, and the blog comes second to that friendship. If it doesn't work for us as friends and co-creators, it's not happening. And once it stops being fun? That's when we'll say goodbye to it - because this blog right here is a 'we', not an 'I'. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

Would you blog as a duo? If you do (shout out to the best friend blogging teams!), what are your top tips?

Felicity and Lauren

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