Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wedding Wednesday | To Do's, Venues and My Little Wedding Book

I've been a busy bee, buying a few accessories (!), making appointments at venues and enquiring caterers. In short, my promise to calm down hasn't really been realised - but getting stuff done just feels so good...!


Before I go on, I just want to thank Etsy for sending me a congratulatory gift! It was the loveliest gesture, so I wanted to shout out and link to my goodies - I got 'My Little Wedding Book', a confetti pop and some gorgeous gold washi tape as well as a kickass engagement card. Both Lauren and I have been fans of Etsy for ages, and our last two blog layouts were purchased there too. It's a great place for inspiration! Anyway, back on to weddings...
brides magazine and my little wedding book
my little wedding book and confetti pop from etsy
I've always been a details girl, and appreciate little touches. I know these will be the part of my wedding I'll focus the most energy on, as I want each guest to feel valued and special, so the parts that illicit an instinct rather than deliberation I'm really relishing. It's good to just say "DONE" really loudly. Well. In your head.

my little wedding book
I'm finding the 'My Little Wedding' Book really helpful - I got a few others for Christmas, which I thought I'd review too a little further down the line. Back to MLWB - it's jam-packed full of details, notes and lists (ideal - anyone that knows me knows I bloody love a good list. Bonus points for check boxes). I really struggled to think of anything they'd left out, until I thought about documents - the one thing it really needs is a little document folder in the back! Apart from that, it's totally perfect. I'd recommend it so much to anyone getting married or wanting to get a little something for a friend who just got engaged. Let's go on to updates!


My boyfriend fiancé and I are going to look round three venues in the next week or two - Dodford Manor, Dodmoor House and Stanford Hall. They've all got amazing unique good bits and some bits we'd have to compromise on, but I'm looking forward to having a good look! This is the part I feel is really based on instinct, so I want to stick to just us two until we're almost decided.

I've got my reasons for this one, and thankfully it has nothing to do with awkward family members! It would be easy to bring my parents - they're local, they're whip smart and interested in helping us, but - and I'd love to hear from any brides or brides-to-be at a similar age (25) to me - I can't help but feel that bringing parents could indicate that Mummy and Daddy are footing the bill. This is absolutely not the case, and I want to be taken seriously by vendors - weddings cost a serious amount of money, and I don't expect to be treated like a child.

Once we've got a shortlist, we'll take his Mum and my parents to look round - with a bit of luck, they'll like wherever we pick as much as we do. I'll let you know how I get on with the viewings soon...!

my little wedding book review


I know last week I said I was going to tone it down, but I really am going to tone it down for now. I'll stick to the venue viewings, and try not to touch anything else until then. I constantly have things whirring around in my head (something along the lines of "Flowers... Cake... Shoes... How high? Accessories for bridesmaids? How many bridesmaids?! Theme. Hate themes. Do I want a theme? No bunting please. Oh god, if I see even a whisker of a chair cover I may just chuck. How much!? Car. Hotels? Invites..."

Aaaaand so it goes on. None of this I should touch until the venue is done and dusted, so I'll be skipping next week's wedding Wednesday (unless I have something gripping to reveal) and checking back in after my viewings.

Any brides-to-be out there? Tweet me your woes! @prettyposhomg

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