Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wedding Wednesday | The Second Proposal

So for those catching up, there has been a second engagement over in PPOMG HQ! Excitingly after 7 and a half years, I (Lauren) am also now engaged!
Thank you for all of the beautiful messages of congratulations so far, I'm utterly overwhelmed and still getting used to being a wife-to-be!


Was a day off from work and, with plans to spend Valentine's Weekend at the boyfriend's family home, we decided to steal a day for ourselves and watch movies.
Keeping the details fairly private and something which I'll forever treasure, Friday 12th February was the best day of my life. With a London proposal at 8am in Aquashard, and then a surprise weekend in Disneyland Paris, in the same hotel in which we spent our first ever holiday together 7 years ago.
It was utter perfection, incredibly thoughtful and made me realise just how well my beau knows me!


Is a gorgeous, feminine beauty which he designed himself. It's quite elvish and fairytale-like without being casual, which is just me all over!  Again, made me realise just how well he knows me! I'm still getting used to wearing a ring on that finger, I've always been incredibly superstitious and so it's a first for me!


Well, we aren't planning a 2016 wedding. A house is in view on the horizon, and we want our roots settled before the wedding bells get polished, but that isn't stopping me from pinning like crazy (I'm newish to Pinterest, so enjoying the novelty).

My sister, Mumma and besties are super excited too with lots of shared boards and ideas going on. I'm also doing my usual research and reading so that when I get stuck in, I have all of the tools and know how I (hopefully) need!

We are blissfully enjoying this early engagement period, being excited with all of our family and friends, and drinking champagne like there's no tomorrow (there is nothing to complain about in that sentence is there...!?)

I'm also super excited to be enjoying my own engagement along with that of my best friend, lots of girls would consider that their worst nightmare, but for us, there isn't anything better than being excited about something like this at the same time... poor husbands-to-be.

With two proposals within two months, expect plenty of bridal talk on this blog! We are also reading all of the bride material possible, so links and tips below please!


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