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Copenhagen | What We Ate

Dining in Copenhagen definitely deserved a post of it's own, the food was amazing. We put out our usual call on social media for anyone who knew of good places to go, and also had a scout of our favourite blogs for inspiration. We also did a bit of digging on Trip Advisor, and ended up with a huge list of fabulous eateries to try out.

Here's a round up of our faves...
Laundromat Cafe Copenhagen
Image - Tigerlilly Quinn


A total find on one of our favourite blogs, Tigerlilly Quinn, the Laundromat Cafe is a small chain with a couple of restaurants dotted around in Copenhagen.

Set up with a really cute launderette style interior complete with actual washing machines, lots of red and wood along with a wall of the most perfect books ever, this restaurant is perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner. We dropped in twice for dinner (hence the lack of photos - and thanks Fritha for yours! Ours were a little grainy in the dark so quality was not so hot - apologies...) enjoying their yummy cocktails, loaded nachos, burgers and houmous- not a mistake! The portions were absolutely huge, so go hungry there!


Near the centre of the city is Torvehallerne, a fresh food market across two buildings which we stumbled upon entirely by chance. We had read about it, so popped inside for a look and my oh my was it gorgeous. Pastries, fish, meats, drinks- foodie heaven.
Torvehallerne Copenhagen Food MarketHALLERNES SMØRRESBRØD
It was lunchtime, so we decided to try some local food from Hallernes Smørrebrød, which serves delicious Danish open sandwiches. There were plenty of options including meat, fish, and veg all filling the counter with incredible colour and prettiness.  The menu was illegible to us- no word apart from Lax had any meaning for us... So we naturally opted for a couple of unidentifiable choices and shared, both of which were utterly delicious.

The Hallernes Smørrebrød special was a breaded flat fish with a piccalilli-style vegetable and mustard sauce- tasty! We also chose a crayfish and avocado open sandwich which tasted so fresh. Neither were ungenerous in portion size and we felt suitably full as we rolled away. 100% worth a stop by if you are in the area, but one to consider crossing town for!


Also in the Torvehallerne, we found the most photogenic spot ever- T-Bar. Tea seemed to be a really big thing in Copenhagen (we definitely weren't complaining), and tea bars were everywhere!
t-bar Torvehallerne
T-Bar had rows and rows of silver tea tins and with hundreds of options to choose from, we pored over the menu. We both opted for the same (typical) Coconut Chai Latte which tasted like bounty but with a delicious cinnamony twist- yummy!
t-bar Torvehallernet-bar Torvehallernecoconut chai latte t-bar Torvehallerne
They were served in glasses with adorable sleeves on them- love love! More tea in glasses with sleeves at home please!


It wouldn't be a PPOMG trip without burgers. Hot Buns is a Gastropub Burger Bar decked out in cool wood and metal fittings. The waitresses are all busty ladies in vest tops and denim shorts (we could imagine that this is Copenhagen's answer to Hooters and a haven for visiting stags...), and it is located across from the top of Nyhavn.
Hot Buns burgers copenhagenHot Buns burgers copenhagen
Go hungry and prep yourself for delicious appetizers, a tough choice as to which fries to have and some awesome burger options. We opted for sweet potato fries with our house burger, 'The HB'. Other tempting options include the Hangover (complete with fried egg and chilli beans), as well as the Paleo (protein and greens heaven!)

We also split the tastiest dessert of the trip, chocolate mousse with olive oil and sea salt, utterly unbelievably tasty. Of course, along the way each day there were always a few baked goods... danish pastries... doughnuts... to tempt us. Well, when in CPH, right?

Just a watch out that food isn't cheap in Copenhagen. It's not hugely different from London prices, but expect to pay a little extra for yummy food!

Felicity and Lauren

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