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Wedding Wednesday | Planning Your Best Friend's Hen Party

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When Flic told me that she was getting married, I squealed. Trapped in the office on a conference call, I was dying to get out and chat, and when we did, I definitely cried a little.

Then Flic asked me to be her bridesmaid, I welled up a lot. Excited at the prospect of dolling up sure, but the honour of being a bridesmaid to someone who doesn't have sisters and therefore had pick of the crop for her bridesmaids was a marvellous feeling. And then, to the job, Mrs. Hen Party Organiser... working in PR, events organisation comes very naturally. 
Flic was quite keen to be involved in the where and when. I was given a list of the who's and these girlies were promptly added on Facebook and a group was formed to ensure that people had a focal point for direction and info. 

I'm keen to not reveal any of the parts which we are trying to keep a secret from Flic! We have the where and when secured, but the day to day is staying a surprise! Now that I'm into the full planning and organising, it's time to impart wisdom of what I've learned so far...
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1. Listen to the Mrs.
If your bride is wanting to be involved in the planning, get a gauge on her expectations. Flic has been quite involved in the early stages, which has been really helpful as the hens are from all different parts of her life. I've had a good steer, and Flic actually chose the venue we ended up with. Listening to what she wants is absolutely vital, there's nothing worse that a bride who feels uncomfortable at her hen party.

2. Get in there early.
A couple of years ago, I was involved in a hen party with a very quick turnaround. Some pulling together and help from the mother-of-the-bride made it a successful one, albeit quite stressful! With Flic, I had almost 8 months notice, and so organising a date and henue was made easier was much easier than it would have been if I'd of left it! Despite that, booking a henue six months in advance still left us with few choices, so the sooner the better!

3. Henue first.
Get a date or two together and then look for the henue. Air BnB was my best friend, and I drew up a list with Flic which we applied to rent. This was actually the most stressful part of the hen planning experience for me (so far), as we had around 10 rejections because of double booking, only longer lets in summer or being scared of a hen party. Once we had eventually got one booked, it was a massive relief for me!
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4. Set a clear budget expectation.
Before I booked, I set a clear budget for the venue which the hens agreed to. Flic didn't want an expensive weekend in the sun, but she did want a little more than some drinks in a bar, so striking the budget balance was important, but very easy- this comes with having close friends in attendance I think! The henue is the bulk of what people will pay for, so finding somewhere good value is key.

5. Plan the fun.
This is my current stage, I've plotted out a schedule and had it checked by another hen who thinks it'll be a success- yay! My biggest fears were overfeeding people/people being hungry/people being bored/people not having enough downtime- so basically, getting the food/fun balance right! I'm going to trust my instinct on this one... Now to get booking!

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