Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Battle of the Colour Schemes

I haven't updated you all on wedding stuff for AGES and I'm so sorry! Normal service to resume... Now. Long story short, I had a good month of ticking stuff off my to do list in double quick time, then I changed jobs and since I've done pretty much nothing at all. I'm trying not to think of my 'to do' list, which is as long as my arm... Anyway the date is set, invites have been sent and RSVPs received so now it's time or the best bit of wedding planning - the details.

It's a question everyone asks, almost as much as the style of dress you're having:

"What are your colours?"

I decided ages ago that my barn venue was going to have a white and gold theme with plenty of greenery, but flowers and bridesmaids dresses? Totally stumped. I started off with blush and berry; I saw a few really well styled autumnal weddings with these hues and I just felt they complemented each other perfectly. Blush is so hot in the wedding world and it seemed the obvious choice, but then a few doubts started creeping in. It seemed like everyone had blush. Then I saw a winter wedding that had done the same colours - blush and berry - and whilst it was totally beautiful, it just didn't call out to me the way other winter weddings had. Back to the drawing board.
green and berry winter wedding inspiration
After a bit of deliberating, I saw this image and decided I wanted green - a nice emerald or teal green, with a mix of berry flowers for the bridesmaids and for the buttonholes. Aaaand then I had a dream about my wedding and the bridesmaids dresses were pale blue, with white faux fur cover ups and white flowers. So I bring you the battle of the colour schemes - because I'm hopelessly between two.
pale blue and white winter wedding inspiration
The green and berry is warm, colourful and punchy - the two colours will really stand out and complement most skintones. The pale blue is icy - with white it'll look magical, but if the weather is drizzly (please please don't be drizzly), will the pale blue be a bit... lost? I'm having an early December wedding so I really want to capture the season, without going overboard or cliche. Sure it's Christmas, but with class.

I've created two Pinterest boards, if you fancy a look - here's the green, here's the blue. I'll update you when I've stopped dithering... see you next week!



  1. I'm definitely voting emerald green!! It's so warm and cosy and having had a winter wedding myself I know how important warmth can be (and how difficult it can be to achieve on a winters day) so I would say do anything you can to add warmth and cosiness to the decor. The pale blue is lovely and I'm sure it would look fantastic but to me it suits more of a hotel/estate/manor wedding? I don't mean that in a nasty way but I also got married in a barn and they tend to have a bit of an empty cold feel until you do them up... Ours definitely needed added warmth and LOTS of lights. To me the blue seems more on the cool side, and less 'rustic' (maybe your not going for that at all though so in which case ignore me). Also because you said White and gold I'm just going to say that emerald green and gold are too perfect together. Whereas blue might go better with silver tones? Ultimately trust your gut, it's easy to second guess all of your decisions so it's best to just run with your first and don't look back haha, there's always more inspiration to be found and before you know it you want all the weddings and all the colour schemes! Good luck!

  2. ^^THIS! I'm loving the emerald green/gold combo Bumpkin Betty mentioned, and think it would make for a gorgeous winter wedding! :D


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