Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Etsy Wedding Gifting

Wedding gifting is always a tricky one. I always try to give as I'd like to receive, but everyone has different priorities when it comes to things that they would love to have as a gift at their wedding.

I definitely think that the days of buying 'gifts to set up home' are moving away now, with many couples (us included ) having lived together for many years before getting married. Lots of couples ask for 'honeymoon help' in the form of a small donation of money or an 'experience' purchased towards their dream honeymoon. However, this can throw up different views in the family too as I've seen in the past!
etsy wedding giftsI've sourced a couple of gorgeous personalised bits from Etsy to solve any worries you may have about wedding gifting. If all else fails, you could always give the couple an Etsy voucher to pick out the perfect treats for their own home.
personalised wedding candle lilly belle london etsy


Every home needs a candle, and this beauty from LilyBelleLondon is the perfect gift. I've previously bought a personalised Jo Malone candle as a wedding gift for a friend, which went down a storm but was quite pricey.

This personalised wedding candle comes in a gorgeous glass jar, which is engraved with your wedding date and names- the perfect memory which can be kept afterwards to store things in too. Candles make great gifts as they don't ever end up redundant, most people burn candles and a unique one will be the ideal extra special present.

personalised wedding candle lilly belle london etsyIt is available in two scents- Rose (which I opted for and can confirm that it is gorgeous) and Winter, which sounds equally amazing- and would be a great gift for Felicity's December wedding... The box arrived beautifully wrapped, and I would be delighted to receive this on my wedding day.
ring dish little wisteria art etsy


I became obsessed in hunting down a snazzy ring box or dish when we were in Disneyland Paris for our engagement trip. I didn't find anything worth picking up sadly, however, Etsy certainly has some gorgeous bedside table worthy offerings which would make a lovely gift for a happy couple, or a bride-to-be. 

LittleWisteriaArt describes her shop as a 'little shop of delightful dishes and pretty plaques', and this is spot on. With handcrafted pottery, each piece is handmade to order, and her designs come in a variety of colours and themes.

etsy wedding gifts
This personalised wedding ring dish is just adorable, with the gold detail, and the name of the happy couple, along with their wedding date, stamped into the base of the dish. At just £14, it's the perfect little gift to give, and something any newlyweds can treasure (and have a use for as it can be used for loose change, keys and other jewellery too!).

Flic will be back next week with some more Etsy wedding perfect pieces! Stay tuned... 


Post in collaboration with Etsy. Love of personalised presents and gifts in general our own!


  1. I think I'm the only person who has never shopped on Etsy, these are all gorgeous wedding gifts :)
    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Ahh we really recommend you give it a go! It's lovely to get something handmade and support local sellers too :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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