Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beauty | Face B4 Review

Roughly a month ago I received the Face B4 range to try out as I have been sporting rather stressed, spotty skin of late (ugh) and wanted to try something that might kick them into submission.
The foam face wash cleanses and tones, whilst the after cleanser serum moisturises and kicks some zit ass in the process. I've been using both about 2-3 times a week alongside my usual routine when needed, and there was good and bad...

The Good
It works. If I had a breakout and used this stuff, the spots disappeared pretty quickly - if not overnight, then by a full 24-36 hours after use. Not bad at all.  It also makes your face feel squeaky clean - a bonus when you're on the steamy tube most days!

The Bad
The smell. This stuff does not smell good. Both products smell distinctly different, but heavily chemical which didn't really suit my tastes. I also found the squeaky clean became a trade off, as my skin seemed to produce more oil to keep up with the stripping the foam wash did.

Verdict? Great for teenage skin, prone to daily breakouts and perhaps more problematic skin issues. For a young women in her early twenties with the odd spot here and there? It really is a bit too harsh, so I won't be repurchasing - but it is gold for super quick results. You can buy both at Boots or Superdrug for £14.95 each.

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