Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hotel Chocolat: The Iconic Collection - Giant Slab Review

The gorgeous people at Hotel Chocolat sent us a couple of Giant Slabs from their finest chocolate to sample, the Billionaire's Shortbread and the Triple Chocolate Wham Bam (both retail at £16.50). Long term followers of PPOMG will know just how much we love the luxury chocolate at Hotel Chocolat (their Cocoa Juvenate collection - which includes candles, fragrances and soaps - is just as divine, in case you were wondering).
As part of their Iconic collection, the Hotel Chocolat slabs are bestsellers for a reason - they're absolutely perfect for gifts and a stunning treat for yourself. The chocolate is creamy without being cloying, each flavour is pronounced yet mellifluous when mixed with other elements (such as the shortbread - just amazing).

A slice of true decadence from start to finish, you can follow the journey from bean to bar on their website and find out about the beautiful island of St. Lucia and the true dedication towards every step of the chocolate making process.
Over the last two years, we've met several members of the Hotel Chocolat family (including Angus himself) and we can honestly say we've never met such a passionate team who utterly believe in their product and their brand. It's a rare thing - but then so is chocolate this damn good.
We can't wait to see the Christmas (yes, sorry) collection in the next couple of months - last year's was perfectly thought out and of course, delicious, so it'll be hard to top!

Thank to Hotel Chocolat for ruining our good intentions for healthy eating this Summer! ;)
Felicity and Lauren

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