Monday, 11 August 2014

V Festival Countdown | 5 Days to Go! Festival Hair

We don't often talk about it on the blog, but laugh about it all the time (and if you're a long-term reader - thank you so much if so! - then you might have guessed). We have very different styles - Lauren is a designer lover, monochrome mad and adores classic cuts and all things green and blue. Felicity is colour mad, attracted to prints, vintage and eclectic pieces and loves nothing more than a really good bargain.

We have the same skin type, and up until recently we both had long straight, fine hair too - but now Felicity has gone for the chop, we can go for different styles at V! Today we've compiled our favourite hairstyles for shorter, mid length bob styles and for those of you with long locks from the wonderful world of Pinterest. It should give you an idea of the looks we'd love to rock for V!
Now we don't often talk about it on the blog much, but you may have guessed if you're a long-term reader (in which case, kisses!) that we've got quite different styles. Lauren adores designer led pieces, is a lover of monochrome and classic pieces whilst Felicity is all about colour, print and vintage/eclectic style.
We'd love to see how any of you fellow bloggers styled your locks for festival going, any posts about? Give us a tweet @PrettyPoshOMG or give us a link by commenting below - any and all inspiration welcome!

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