Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fashion | #PrimarkMeets In The Frow

Image - Primark
Us with Victoria (thanks Joanne from BlogdeSherrell for taking this picture!) 
Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to be two of the 30 girls in attendance of the #PrimarkMeets In The Frow Blogger Masterclass at the Primark Press HQ in London. If you're a blogger yourself or a lover of vlogs, you're bound to recognise the lavender-haired Victoria from In The Frow. As arguably one of the most successful fashion blogs in the UK right now, we were all pretty eager to hear her thoughts on the rise of our community, her tips for the top and just to get to know her a little more. It was great to meet other fellow minded fashion and beauty bloggers, and to get a bit of inspiration from a leading blogger...
We can confirm that Victoria is a) super nice, b) super stylish and c) completely deserving of her success, she was honestly a total sweetie. We ate yummy melt-in-the-mouth brownies (have to find out where they came from) and drank pink lemonade whilst perusing the new AW14 collection, which as you can probably guess is totally banging. We didn't really take that many pictures of it (too busy eating and chatting), but met gorgeous ladies Em from My Pale Skin Blog and Joanne from BlogDesherrell so you can check out their write-ups here and here. We loved the Chanel-style double pearl choker and furry jackets!

We got a great goody bag each, with a tartan scarf (fab for AW14), a notebook and pen, heart post-its, sweeties and a beanie hat... oh and £100 each to spend at Primark. Result! We'll be following up with a haul in our next post. Meanwhile, you can see also some of the collection here, we picked a few pieces we're going back for...

Did you go to the Blogger Masterclass and didn't catch us? We'd love to know your thoughts or check out your blogs - why not tweet us @PrettyPoshOMG or give us some lovin' commentary below...?

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