Thursday, 28 May 2015

Monsoon AW15 Press Day

Following fellow blogger Love on instagram, we spied some Monsoon prettiness and cheekily asked if we could come along and see the collection - and it ended up being our favourite press day out of the 4 two weeks ago! You could see just how much work had gone into making it a fashion wonderland - each section styled accordingly.
I (Felicity) went to this one alone, as I am freelancing around (more on that later) and generally quite free as a bird right now, and Lauren was working (boo)! Without my wing woman, I did what I always do at press events anyway - take photos, and let someone else - usually L - do the talking. Going off on a tandem here - I’m not shy, even if the vlog we did makes it look like I am. Lauren is in PR, and just rocks at that stuff. I’m more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it to be honest.
Onwards to the beauty of Monsoon & Accessorize Press Day! Gorgeous gorgeous. So first up, I wandered round the corner of the studio into a great big 70s festival - or at least, that’s what it felt like! Print on print as far as the eye could see, nicely interspersed with a fair whack of shearling, suede and denim (you know, the good stuff).

I particularly loved a navy embroidered peasant dress (I put it on instagram at the time, but see below), a faux fur stole, those boots, oh and pretty much everything in this section. It was all glorious, and so fashion forward - I’d always had Monsoon down as an occasion place, and the casual wear for an older demographic. Totally wrong - or at least from this collection. What a one to watch.
Ok so I followed the winding 70s road to glittery gold town, which is where I found aforementioned occasion stuff. As expected, embellishment reigns and everything is sumptuous, striking and beautiful quality. 
I loved the hotel lobby styling, with rotating stands and gold old school suitcase trolleys to showcase accessories. C’est trés chic! I found what I now refer to as the Lauren Beeslee dress, as Lauren would’ve absolutely bloody loved it if she’d seen it in person. Jacquard and printed (both big for AW15), midi, classic, check check check…!

After a cheeky cocktail from one of the many handsome waiters (honestly where did you find those guys? I may be off the market but oh my), I meandered back to the centre and found myself wandering in the direction of what can only be described as the enchanted forest. Succulents, greenery and flowers adorned the tabletops and shelves, with some more pretty pieces for AW15 in plummy, navy and pink New Romantic colours (love the navy heeled brogues!) and round to Accessorize.
First up, the suede and fringed - there was a lot of it, in varying shapes and sizes (totes, clutches, you name it) and then a lot of beaded pieces too. I was more interested in the kitschy and novelty pieces if I’m really honest - a rocket and a robot being my absolutely favourites! I’ll take the rocket please. Awesome.
Oh and special mention goes to the new Z for Accessorize range, which is a beautiful mix of gold delicate pieces - we each had a sample in the goody bag, and they look so expensive. We’re so impressed!

Thank you to Love for letting me come along - the girl herself actually looked like she had walked out of a Dolce & Gabanna ad (seriously check it out) and was so lovely and helpful. You’ll be seeing a little more Monsoon & Accessorize on these pages soon too…!

We’re looking forward to seeing this drop into stores! You’ll start to see pieces from late Summer, we honestly can’t recommend the new collection enough.

Felicity & Lauren


  1. Not a big Monsoon fan but some of your pics are fantastic. Loving the fringe bags and some of the other accessories. Lx

  2. Wow!! Very beautiful dress! I love the design and the color of it! Check out the one i bought online!


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