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What We Did This Week | 2 - 9th May

We were approached by smoothie company Savse to review a week of smoothies, and although we try and do collaborations together, Lauren has an allergy to citrus fruits (boo!) so I embarked on this journey alone! It's all 100% natural, cold pressed goodness, so I figured I'd give it a go. I decided to opt for one flavour a day and choose a different exercise for each day, which I really didn't stick to but here's how I got on...

Monday - Savse Super Blue
Considering it was Bank Holiday, I did well - a two mile run and a hard gym session. The blue was lovely, and actually my favourite out of the smoothies I tried. Blueberries, blackcurrants, kale, beetroot, spinach and apple make up this delightful smoothie, and it really was lovely. I didn't think I'd be so keen on the beetroot bit (as you'll see further down), but it was refreshing, energising and tasty. I ate clean all day (well done me) and felt fantastic. Slept like a baby.

Tuesday - Savse Super Orange
Woke up with lots of good intentions and had a day of eating very well again (even resisting cookies at work!) and having my second smoothie, Savse Orange, my second favourite. Zesty, zingy and peppy, it was great to wake me up for going back to work! A yummy mix of mango, carrot, orange, passion fruit, lemon, celery and apple. The mango and carrot were a great mix, and I made a mental note to mix it myself if I went DIY with making smoothies. I managed a Barre Core workout at the end of the evening, but lay awake with far too much energy at 11pm. Definitely learned my lesson there!

Wednesday - Savse Super Green
Woke up with no energy - how? I figured it was my body getting rid of the junk and pushed through with smoothie number three, Savse Green. A blinding mix of pear, kiwi, banana, apple, lemon, kale, spinach and broccoli. I wasn't sure about this one. I love green smoothies usually, but it was just a bit... sharp, if I'm really honest. I would've loved it a bit more if it had less lemon, which I realise is used to help preserve the freshness of the other ingredients, but still. My less adventurous colleagues winced as I downed the lot and actually, once I'd got through it, felt it wasn't too shabby. Too exhausted to work out. Two cookies at work. Oops.

Thursday - Savse Super Purple
A day of meetings and a couple of press events, I was walking round London all day and figured that would be my exercise (I covered around 6 miles, so I didn't feel too bad!) and tried to have the Savse Purple for the morning. Beetroot, apple, lemon, lime, mango and avocado. Lord forgive me, but this one went in the bin - the beetroot and mango just made it too heavy for me. I am never picky when it comes to food and drink, I'll try almost anything (bar dog and horse), but this was too much. I tried three or four sips before chucking. Sorry Savse! I cheated and got the blue again with my Boots meal deal, and went with wholewheat flat bread and a Naked bar. I only had a juice at the Boden press day too, instead of my usual coffee and pastry so... So far, so healthy.

Friday - Savse Super Red
Unlike the general populous, I tend to avoid strawberry flavoured things and go for anything with a bit of zing to it (blueberries ideal). I liked this, but the orange juice making up 60% made it a little too astringent for my taste. Strawberries, orange, kale, spinach, broccoli and spinach - the celery was definitely a nice addition. After a week of clean eating, being fairly active and sticking to it, I rounded up the evening sharing a bottle of red with a good friend in the pub. Balance, right?

So what's the verdict? The overall approach is great - my skin was clearer, my energy levels stayed fairly stable as opposed to the highs and lows my sugary diet tends to impose, and I actually really enjoyed trying a different flavour every day, even if they weren't to my taste. Pre-wedding guest, the whole thing made me feel great. Would I do it again? Definitely, and I loved the all natural ingredients - no nasties. Smoothies are a great alternative to juices, as they retain fibre. I would get Savse again - but being a boring creature of habit when it comes to favourites, you'll find me with a blue and an orange in each hand! Thanks to the people at Savse for sending me them!

This week I tried to make overnight oats (late on the bandwagon I know...!) and made them for 4 days. Excitingly I found them easy and quite tasty, and will continue to make them. It was a bit odd to eat cold oats at first, but I soon found a recipe I loved and got fully on board.
overnight oats how to make blogger review
The best thing is that you can mix it up how you like! My favourite is 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup Coconut milk, 1/4 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup blueberries and 1/2 banana mashed. Mix them all up and pop in the fridge overnight. For an extra sweet mix, add a dash of maple syrup or honey in the morning- mix again before eating! Yum!

A (very) busy work week left me only able to exercise once this week- a 5k run which I'm working on speeding up. I was wondering whether to improve my speed or distance, and decided that (as weight loss is my goal), speed was the way to go. My excellent 5k route is now my focus to bring my time further down on.
handmade clutch leather fashion design uk
My little sister is here for over a month to stay- so looking forward to buddying up and working out together! She made the beautiful clutch bag above - how talented?!

Press Days
boden aw15 press day display
Boden AW15
We had a quieter week (thank goodness, because actually you feel like a headless chicken with 4 in one day) this week, but no less exciting. As you probably saw from our instagram feed, we went to our first Boden press day, which was gorgeous. Here's a sneak peek, but we're reserving a full post for this bad boy.
boden aw15 press day fur bag
boden aw15 press day red cape

We hope you all had a good week! We're busy busy again next week, hold on to your hats... ;)

Felicity & Lauren

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