Saturday, 4 July 2015

What We Did | 28th June- 3rd July

Feeling 22...
Oh how I wish I was actually 22 again, instead the reality is that I'm zooming towards my mid-twenties...
On Saturday night I had the best work perk ever and headed to Taylor Swift at British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, if you are thinking it couldn't get any better, then it did, we had VIP tickets.
Taylor was beautiful and every bit as fabulous as I could have imagined. Playing to an audience of 65,000 people must be an incredible thing, and she was such a force on stage.

Every single one of her 11 costume changes were phenomenal and her voice was flawless. She has the most incredible figure too- definite girl crush.

Show highlights for me were here coming on stage with her model cohort including Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner, and then her upbeat 1989 style version of Love Story!

I would 100% go and see her again, even if I was the oldest person in the crowd....

Singing in the Rain
On Tuesday night, my lovely mummy treated me to Singing in the Rain at Kilworth House Theatre. Kilworth is one of my favourite places in the world (you may remember I stayed there for my 5 year anniversary) so I love any excuse to go back.
 The glorious weather was such a bonus this week, and we started it all off with a big picnic - bucks fizz, pastries, salad, couscous, chicken and rounding it off with strawberries and cream. Delicious! I love a little al fresco dining.
The actual production was such an amazing show - because it's an outdoor theatre, the use of space is always creative and the surrounding grounds make it so atmospheric. The singing and dancing was, as you can imagine, absolutely incredible. The highlight of my week!

With my run just TWO weeks away I was able to squeeze in 3 runs this week with the help of my new swishy Casio watch. I'm getting better, getting my 6k time down to about 45 mins now. Praying to god that its not so warm as it has been this week on the actual day, its been fairly torturous!

If anyone would like to donate to the cause, then I'd really appreciate it and you can donate here, we are raising for a charity who care for people with the same condition that my beloved cousin has. I'm ecstatic that we have raised over £1,200 so far and am incredibly grateful for all of the support, both moral and monetary!

Dog walks and barre core... and so much food! I need to book this holiday because I seriously need motivation to put down the biscuits. Oops...

Felicity & Lauren

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