Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Written Inspiration

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So being a little further behind in the planning than Flic (as in, not even a date set!), I'm still enjoying the hours flicking through wedding magazines and websites looking for inspiration. I've found myself losing hours on Etsy, pinning where I've not had the inclination to do so before and looking through blogs and blogs and blogs to find inspiration. Here are some of my favourite spots to find inspiration...


Absolutely the first thing I was excited about, wedding magazines. I almost bought a ton at the Eurostar terminal and wanted to haul them to Disneyland and back, but restrained myself from a same-day-mag-purchase. I didn’t have to wait long, as my sister bought me all of the magazines on the day we came back to the UK, including classic Brides, You and Your Wedding and My Kent Wedding. I’ve been picking up issues in the months since, and really enjoying them as they all offer something different. Brides is the VOGUE of the bridal magazine world, full of castle and mansion house venues, designer dresses and shoes and elaborate cakes. I love flicking through Brides Magazine for inspiration; the majority of the content is absolutely not in budget, but it has given me great ideas about things which I could then recreate inexpensively such as invite designs and beauty styles. You and Your Wedding is a great one for a ‘normal’ wedding. With a standard (if there is such a thing!) wedding cost in the UK being £20-25k according to all of the latest statistics, You and Your Wedding offers great ideas for venues, dresses, suppliers and design options. I adore the ‘themed’ galleries they do, and the supplements are just gorgeous too. Perfect Wedding is actually one of my favourites, a mini magazine which is perfect for travelling, it has a fun and friendly tone. I adore the real-life wedding stories covered in the magazine- each really different and full of realistic inspiration. They also have lots of inspiration for ‘outside-the-box’ thinking options too.

Absolutely a godsend when it comes to questions such as ‘How much should I pay for a hair trial?’, ‘How far in advance should I speak to my florist?’ and all of those other burning questions which you don’t want to keep asking your mates about. The You and Your Wedding forum community are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful; recommending suppliers and sharing tips and advice with each other. Once my burning questions start flowing, I’m determined to harvest the forum for their inspiration.

A late addition to this post after I asked Flic, ‘what’s an average cost for a photographer?’. She recommended this really helpful blog which has amazing suppliers, advice, real life stories and interesting snippets which I’m sure will now saturate my commute every day. I’ve already got a huge shortlist of people I want to get in touch with- thanks Flic!

Hitched is a brilliant starting point for any bride. It provides tools, solutions and lots of tips and advice to help you make decisions. From stationery to stag parties, has it covered. Their venues directory is the first place that venues list their offers and offerings on, making it the go-to for any new brides hunting round an area.

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