Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wedding Wednesday | The Flowers (and 4 months to go)!

Oh my gosh, how on earth am I getting married in 4 months time? The year has flown by - I can definitely see why most of my engaged friends decided to wait 1 1/2 or 2 years between getting engaged and setting a date. With my dress (eek!) and bridesmaids dresses done, invites sent out and RSVPs back and the colour scheme finalised, I finally feel at a point where things are coming together. Now I can actually enjoy this a bit more, and with 4 months to go? I am absolutely ready to start indulging in this time. Next week I'll give you a proper update on absolutely everything, before we kick off an Etsy special - boy oh boy, do we have a glorious bunch of special Etsy wedding posts coming up!

I started out my wedding planning and didn't think twice about my flowers, as my Mum's colleague did flowers on the side and had said she'd be happy to do them. Fast forward a few months and I dropped her a call just to find out if we could get the ball rolling. Shock horror - she couldn't do them after all, as she'd booked a holiday at the same time. Argh! I was suddenly pitched face first into florist hell.

peonies in paris

Hailing from Northamptonshire, I really struggled to find that contemporary (ok, Pinterest) feel. Everything I saw was so old fashioned and I started to get a bit... well a bit worried to tell the truth. I badly wanted to keep to local businesses, so I went along to a local wedding fair to see if I could find someone.

I met Sioux Phillips at the Rather Remarkable Wedding Gala and she was just a breath of fresh air - creative, fun and friendly. I took her card and emailed her a few weeks later and just like that, bagged myself a florist. Specialising in floral design, she - without sounding really wanky now - totally understood my "vision". We talked colours, varieties, style, venue and church - everything. Here's a little preview of what I'm hoping for in a just a few short months...

Thanks to everyone who messaged/commented on my colour scheme by the way... as you can probably tell, I went for the green! I still love the blue, but if it's a grey day in England (which it may well be), it'll just look a bit too insipid. Bold and beautiful it is.

See you next week!

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  1. Yaaaas, you picked the green! hehe Can't wait to see how it all comes together!


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