Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Etsy Flower Girls + Pageboys

We're back with our wonderful Wedding Wednesday Etsy posts! We've talked about the extent of our total adoration for Etsy before, but one more time - we really really love it.

This week, I'm taking a look at gifts and accessories for the littler members of the bridal party - the flower girl and page boy (plus a few extras for the bigger members too). I am lucky enough to have a flower girl and a page boy, and they're actually from the Groom's side; his little second cousins. I always wanted a flower girl as I have wonderful memories of being one myself, and as the only littles we're really close to I couldn't imagine the day without them!

As much as I knew I wanted their involvement in the day, I actually really struggled to know what to get them to make them feel special. In the end I decided on the bits below as well as a few essential thank you cards for the bridal and grooms party - it's the thought that counts, after all!


This gorgeous lace ring cushion from Wonderland Found is the perfect dainty size for little hands to carry up the aisle (although for me personally there is no way on God's green earth I'm risking a mischievous four year old boy alone with two expensive rings and a long loooonng aisle - the best man will have to give a helping hand)! The lace on this is so beautiful and I fell in love with it instantly. With delicate ivory ribbons and a pearl in the centre, it's a handmade beauty (and something I'd love to lend to friends getting married in the future). I must admit pre-purchase, I was torn between this one and a white faux fur version (fortunately I was talked out of it by my Mum - I blame the winter wedding effect)!


These Bespoke Laser UK badges are not only a super bargain (£1.80) but SO CUTE! Oh my gosh I just die with cuteness at these. I think kids quite often find weddings boring, so I'm really focused on making things fun where I can. Kids love stickers and badges (something to do with school achievement no doubt), so I thought these little VIP badges would be an ideal way to make them feel important on the day, without fidgety bow ties and ribbons.


Ok, is it cheating if we feature the same seller twice? Two Stories Gifts, we love you! I bought a hanger for the Mother of the Bride from this seller in my last Etsy post, and to be honest it's pretty much taking all my willpower not to buy every single person involved their own hanger too. These mini versions were only £7 each and the personalised (something blue!) ribbons made them extra special. I wholeheartedly recommend!


Finally, the thank you cards. I bought a fantastic multipack of 5 from Love An Invitation for the bridal and grooms party, where you can mix and match - bridesmaid, maid of honour, best man, usher, mother/father of the bride/groom, all sorts! I went for 3 x bridesmaid, 1 x best man and 1 x usher. What a great idea!

I also bought thank you cards from Forever Note for the flower girl and page boy - I just really liked the design of these. I wanted our thank you cards to be fairly plain, as I love a bit of DIY myself so I may add some gold leaf or paint details to personalise further... watch this space!

Lauren is back next week with our next Etsy instalment - don't miss it!

Post in collaboration with Etsy. Love of all things tiny, handmade and personalised our own!

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