Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wedding Wednesday | Etsy Wedding Decorations

Welcome back to the second half of our Etsy Wedding Wednesdays! This week, I'll be looking at decorations for my winter wedding, which is coming up in... oh my gosh 60 days (or just under 9 weeks). Y I K E S. You know what, let's not even go there - I'll be here all day saying how panicked and underprepared I feel!
I'm going to use Pinterest to help me a little with my vision for my wedding - I knew I wanted my village church and a barn venue, with winter sparkle (read fairy lights, not glitter) without getting heavily into Christmas territory... buuut with a nod to the season. Still with me? 😉 Ok just look above, that'll basically tell you everything you need to know (and you can always just follow me on Pinterest, if you like).


So I knew I wasn't having flowers on tables - it'd be dark by the time we ate, which means no one really enjoys them as they are (and with all those people and candles, they'll just shrivel up from the heat anyway). So... candles! Candles add atmosphere, and a few elegantly scented versions are just the ticket to add fragrance to the room. This wintry orange & clove candle from The Botanical Candle Co is exactly what I was looking for and smells divine. I've got it burning now and can attest to its christmassy sent and eco-friendly/clean burning credentials. I'm actually a little obsessed with The Botanical Candle Co right now - they sent some little wax melts as an extra and the pomegrante and sage is 👌!


The lovely Kayleigh made a bespoke sparkler sign for me, as we're having a sparkler send off at the end of the night. I really loved her aesthetic (as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to go bespoke!) and I'm thrilled with this sign. It's just the contemporary side of rustic - I'll be investing in an oversized gold frame and foliage to style it on the big day. You should definitely check out the full range of metallic calligraphy signs and gifts in her shop; everything is beautiful!💌


Ribbons might seem like an odd choice, but I love the look of trailing ribbons on bouquets and used to style tablescapes and areas of interest. 👰 I chose the green in the sparkler sign images above for my bouquet (I thought about going for white, but hey, may as well be different) and the velvet ribbons for my bridesmaids. They're both beautiful quality, in case you wondered - I'm actually hoping we don't use all the velvet so I can save some! 

You may remember my absolute meltdown over colour schemes and I'm so glad I went for winter jewel colours with gold and greenery for the venue. Modern weddings are so often pastel or muted hues, which makes for beautiful Pinterest pictures but I'm getting to the point of saturation. Time for something a little different.


Oh and just a quick note on those rose gold save the date stickers - I bought them before we collaborated with Etsy for Wedding Wednesday and stuck them on the back of my invitation envelopes. Cute, huh? You can find them over at Molax Chopa.

So that's it for decorations! Lauren is back next week with finishing touches and I'll finish the week after next with my 'on the day' essentials (spoiler - there's a few gifts in there too. I couldn't resist). See you then!


Post in collaboration with the glorious Etsy, who we simply adore. Love of wedding decs definitely all our own!

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