Friday, 30 September 2016

Cath Kidston #EmbraceYourBaggage

It's an ongoing joke on PPOMG that Lauren likes to cart the kitchen sink around with her and can't pack light for weekends away, whilst Flic is minimal, streamlined packing to the extreme but often known to carry a tote round full of random bits (and a change of shoes)!
We could both relate the Cath Kidston's new campaign #EmbraceYourBaggage for these reasons- we always have baggage! Any blogger can relate to the handbag, goodie bag debacle, especially during press show months...

We love that this campaign recognises that life isn't all sweetness and that one minibag doesn't miraculously fit in your gym kit, laptop, purse, keys, phone and whatever else you drag around on the daily... Cath Kidston are recognising the multi-bag generation and celebrating it with their beautiful AW range of luggage and bags.

With all shapes and sizes from super lightweight carry ons to glamorous clutch bags, Cath have you covered. We picked out a couple of their best backpacks and took them for a spin in Victoria. Being a duo, we always have double bags wherever we go!

Rucksacks were our pick, in the cutesy Mews Ditsy print (which is a classic Cath spray print but a little grown up and a little more autumnal with the khaki green background) and the gorgeous Peony Blossom design, which in this vibrant blue is so classic and reminds us of our favourite Hampton Rose print from last summer- dreamy!
The bags themselves? Spacious, waterproof, a little front pocket for your essentials and a strong, padded back for your laptop, what more could any career girl on the go need?

Get involved and share your baggage with the #EmbraceYourBaggage tag!


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  1. I have a Cath rucksack from a few years ago and I carry it everywhere! x


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