Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wedding Wednesday | The Finishing Touches

My final Wedding Wednesday Etsy collaboration is here and I'm delighted to be talking about the finishing touches. As a detail oriented person who loves little nick-nacks and cares a lot about the things that other people probably won't even notice, the finishing touches are my kind of thing.

As you can imagine, the creative sellers over on Etsy have plenty to offer, and I could have bought the entirety of Etsy in my quest for finishing touches for my wedding which is still in the earlyish stages of planning!

I've pulled together a mixed bag of beauties from a few different points in the day to help other brides to be with a little inspiration on Etsy items to give your wedding pzazz!


Felicity bagged some truly beautiful hangers for her flower girl and page boy in her first post of this series, and I wanted to find something a little different but equally as gorgeous. The wire writing hangers are hugely popular, and I love how cutesy they come out in photographs!

This Custom made double line bridal hanger from BridalHanger ticks all the right boxes. The quality is right on point and I love the double lines on this one!

Mum, if you are reading this, you have a lovely little gift to look forward to on the day!


Yes, I have a cake topper before a cake is ordered but how could I resist this Mr&Mrs Script Cake Topper from Capola Designs?!

In a high quality finish Perspex, the topper is available in a host of colours and finishes- you just let them know your exact wording and it comes out perfectly. I opted for a mirrored silver and I'm utterly thrilled.  I  know it's a bit boring to say but I was super pleased with how speedily this arrived too.

There is still something really strange about seeing our names as a Mr & Mrs after 26 years of being a Miss.


My venue has stipulated that only biodegradable confetti be used by guests on the day, which I know is commonplace with lots of places now, but I definitely want confetti.

This gorgeous Delphinium petal confetti comes in lots of colours and quantities from BlueButtonCrafts. Made from real petals, it is 100% natural and therefore completely biodegradable- perfect! I'll be giving this to my brothers to chuck over me/in my face on the big day!

I was also really pleased to receive a little information sheet about the product too, about colour running etc which was good to have!


Finally, a guestbook which ticks all the right boxes. I've seen so many new ways of reinventing the guestbook from fingerprint trees to canvases for guests to scrawl on. However, I am a big fan of writing in a book on the big day, and this Personalised handmade guest book from CardsPaperLove provides a fully customisable set of options to ensure that you can create the perfect tome for your guests to sign.

I've kept our simple as we are still working out colour schemes and themes, but the quality on this was brilliant, and I'm really pleased with the finished book. CardsPaperLove is a great stationery store on Etsy so do head over and have a look for lots of lovely bits and bobs!


Post in collaboration with Etsy, without whom my wedding wouldn't be half as difficult to choose things for (all that choice!) Love of those little details all our own!

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