Sunday, 22 April 2012

Primark’s Wonder £1 Lipstick.

Yes, you read that right. Primark have rebranded and re-released their cosmetics – 3 shades of lipstick in two different styles of packaging (polka dots and leopard print), one eyeshadow palette and a fair few nail polishes to boot.

I’ve tried the nail polishes and have to say that they aren’t very good quality at all. I bought a set of four, and after painting my nails with them a few times they always chip on the same day. Very frustrating, so I wouldn’t recommend them, no matter how delightful the colours are!

Picture from
The lipsticks, however, I’m really impressed with. The colours are Red (deep, royal red), Fuchsia Pink (almost blueish pink in tone) and Pale Pink (not for the pale skinned or faint hearted).

After just one coat, I knew the Pale Pink wasn’t for me. It washed me out, made my teeth look yellow and was just wrong – but for £1, I had to buy and try them all. It would’ve looked good if you like the whole nude face/nude lips/big mascara/eyeliner eyes look, but I can’t pull it off at all!

The Red was a lot more convincing – really high pigmentation, and the colour stayed on for a good few hours without needing a touch up. Definitely value for money. However, the real star of the show is the Fuchsia Pink. It is gorgeous, and whilst I am biased because it suits my skin tone to a T, it is the best matte pink lipstick I have. All for £1.

Not only is the colour really flattering, and stays on forever, it is almost identical to the sheer and shiny L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Impulsive Fuchsia that I bought last week for £7.99.

Natural Lip Colour:

Primark Fuchsia Pink:

It's so difficult to accurately portray the colour, so I may have to update this post... the picture I've uploaded doesn't show just how vibrant/matte/blue toned this is. I have yet to compare it to the famous YSL Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia, but for £1… it’s just a blummin’ bargain.

The only fault – and yes there is a fault – I have with it is the packaging. I’m a sucker for good packaging (I love Benefit for the kookiness, YSL for the luxe gold and Chanel for the clean lines and dressing table prettiness), so the packaging really lets it down. The lid is clear (which I don’t like), the lipsticks don’t have names (which annoys me too) and the leopard print/polka dots would look ten billion times cuter if the lid matched the case. Le sigh.

Adding to this, the lid comes off very easily. This means I have to store my lipstick constantly upright in my make up bag – not a pain for most people, but for a girl that is always on the go, disasters are a lot more likely with an unruly lipstick lid. But for £1, what can you realistically expect? The product, as a cosmetic, is absolutely fantastic. So I say… buy it. For just 100 pennies, it’s a sure fire winner.


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